Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Lo Down - Market Match PR Skincare Event

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Yesterday I went to a Market Match PR and Graham Anthony Distribution Ltd Skincare event in the beautiful RHA Gallery in Dublin City Centre. As you know I love Skincare so I couldn't wait to go to this event.
At the event itself they were introducing 10 exciting skincare brands, 4 of which are completely new launches on the Irish market. There was such an amazing set up at this event, I had three minutes at each brand table  to ask questions and find out more about the brand itself. It was so much fun and I found it very informative indeed. I didn't get to take pictures from the event itself  as I couldn't find my phone but I'm sure you'll  be able to find some pictures on other Irish bloggers posts.

There was so many amazing brands at the event so I'm going to tell you a little bit about them all.

I've haven't heard too much about about this brand so I was very interested to here more about it their vast product range looks amazing especially their Hydration range which I'm going to keep an eye our for.
Hero Product - Thermal Water

A french brand Mustela has been over for 60 years. I've never heard of this Mother and Baby range before but it's been very popular indeed. It's 95% natural and all products are under €20 which is good to hear that it's affordable.
Hero Product - Vitamin Barrier Cream

Phyto Haircare
This brand is known for it's haircare, The creator, Patrick Ales even goes as far to call it skincare for hair. I have heard about this brand before and I've heard really good things so I am looking forward to trying some products from the range.

Payot is a french brand and it has been along for a long time. When it was first introduced to the Irish market it was on sale in Brown Thomas. Now it can be found in salons and in pharmacies. I'm very interested in this brand as the majority of the products sound amazing.
Hero Product - Pate Grise

Delorom is a french Aromatherapy salon brand. I have heard of this brand before and heard nothing but amazing things about their products. The price point is good as products start at €15. Their star product contains 12 essential oils which feed the skin which is always good to know.
Hero Product - Aqualixir

IDC is a results driven, high performance anti-ageing brand. They created a technology called Regen 16 that targets the 16 main mechanisms of skin ageing. It's great to hear of a range like this and the results speak for themselves.
Hero Product - Regen Express

Skeyndor is a Spanish brand that I've actually never heard of before. It's very popular over there so it's coming to our shores in the middle of the year. The packaging looks lovely and really stands out.
Hero Product - Power C+

SVR Skincare
SVR Skincare is a french brand that was launched in 1962 and has been popular ever since. This brand hasn't hit the Irish market yet but keep you eyes out as it will be coming soon.
Hero Product - Topialyse Palpebral

Filorga is a French brand that was launched in 1978. In 2008 it brought out a anti ageing line that has been so popular ever since. I was told alot about this brand and it seriously looks impressive.
Hero Product - Time Filler Correction Cream

Alpha H
Alpha H is a Australian that has been around for 21 years. It is really popular on the blogger scene as it was a product I was hearing so much about a couple of years ago. As you know I got a sample of their Liquid Gold pads a while ago and I wasn't too impressed so I told the expert about this and she gave me lots of tips on how to use the product which was good.
Hero Product - Liquid Gold 

GOA is a lovely french home range brand. It has 60 exclusive fragrances and their range of products that include reed diffusers are beautiful. I'm in love with the packaging. It was also awarded the Guaranteed French award which is a pretty big deal.
Hero Product - Cocoon and Bul Reed Diffusers

Nesti Dante
Nesti Dante is a brand I've never heard of before. It's an Italian brand created in Florence and the packaging is so beautiful. The range consists of shower gels and liquid soaps. They look nice on the eye so I believe these would look fab in any bathroom.

Institut Karite
Institute Karite is a lovely brand that specialise mainly in hand cream and body products. They packaging for this range is gorgeous I love it. The prices are affordable for €5.95 for a handcream and €7.50 for a boxed hand cream you can't really go wrong.

All in all I had such an amazing time at this event. I can't wait to try out the products I was given to review. As always I'll definitely let you know what I think of them in due course.


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