Monday, February 6, 2017

The Lo Down - More Lovely Products from Nimue Skincare

Hey Guys and Dolls,

If you haven't seen my previous post on Nimue skincare which focused on my faves the Skin Regulator and Moisturiser Lite you can check it out here. I recently got the chance to try some more products from the skincare brand I love so I jumped at the opportunity.
I got sent three products, the Cleansing Gel Lite, the Conditioner Lite and their eye makeup remover. They all look great, just look at that futuristic packaging. It's totally different to any brand I've seen before.

The Cleanser (€43.65) is a light gel which is perfect to use day or night. As well as being a great cleanser it is great for a second cleanse for removing remnants of makeup that may have been left behind after the first. It's such a nice product, it's gentle on the skin and leaves your skin looking fresh and clean, just what you want from a cleanser.

The Conditioner (€43.65) is my favourite product. After a light spritz it leaves the skin feeling and looking fresh and on top of its game. I use this alot throughout the day whenever my skin is feeling dry and needs a pick me up.

Refills can be both for each of the products above which I think is such a good idea and they work out at €37.10 which is a good saving too you can't really go wrong. I don't think you'd need to repurchase a refill for a while as both products are pretty big to be honest.

Lastly is the eye makeup remover. It's a cream that I apply to the eyelids with a damp cotton pad. It quickly melts into the skin getting rid of all my eye makeup. This product is scentless so it doesn't have an annoying scent that would drive you mad. It doesn't sting the eyes either which is really good too. This is definitely one of the better cream eye makeup removers I've tried since I started blogging and that's saying something cause I've tried a few in my time as a blogger.

These products are huge for the price and as I said earlier they sure will last for an age. I love being introduced to new skincare brands like Nimue as they quickly become my favourites.


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