Friday, February 3, 2017

The Lo Down - Essence Macaras and Liners

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Essence cosmetics is a affordable brand I just love. It has an amazing array of products to choose from at such affordable prices. I think they are a great alternative to highend brands when your on a bit of a budget which is good when your in college and stuff cause most of the time people my age may not have the disposable income to fork out alot of money. I've always been happy with my purchases from this brand, lipstick, mascara, glosses and foundation to name a few. I'm going to be doing a review on some of the latter soon as I think there really good and definitely worth the money I do believe they're like under €4 which is ace in my opinion. They have everything from high coverage to low coverage so there's something for everyone which is always a good sign. The range of lippy and glosses shades they have is great too, I actually seen alot of new launches in the pipeline online so I can't wait to try them when there released.
Today I'm going to show you some of their mascaras and liners that I've been trying and yes I have been very impressed with them.
First off is the mascaras and boy are the good. It's good to find an alternative to pricier mascaras as god I know I never have the money to fork out on them. The Forbidden Volume mascara range are a new launch and I couldn't wait to give them a go. You have the original dramatic volume mascara that has your usual fibre want, this gives enough volume for day to day use. Next up you have Forbidden Volume Rebel mascara which has a fibre brush aswell but a bigger curvier wand with shorter and longer fibres. This one gives us so much volume because of the brush so this would be perfect for a night on the tiles me thinks. These mascara don't leave your lashes looking really spidery either it gives a nice bit of va va voom. Lastly you have the Forbidden Volume False Lash Topcoat which is definitely a favourite of  mine as it will probably work over any mascara. It's a mascara wand that has fibres that cling on to your lashes when your brushing it through. This stuff makes you look like you are wearing falsies and makes your lashes look so fluttery I got so many comments on my lashes after using this stuff so that's a good sign. These mascaras also come off pretty easily too, I use my Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing to remove them and I've never had a problem which is good. I don't particular think much of mascaras that take ages to remove at night to be honest.
Now on to the eyeliners and I have to say these two eyeliners are in a league of their own. They are just soo good. I tried the Essence Waterproof  Liquid Ink and Essence Dip Eyeliner. Both did such a good job and are great for winged eyeliner. They both have small soft brushes that were hard to work with the first few times but once you get the hang of it there great. They do have a watery consistency once applied but don't worry they dry to a totally matte finish. When I say these liners don't budge they seriously do not move an inch at all for the whole day which is good when your super busy during the day like me. I haven't tried them out in the gym but I'll definitely give them a go soon. 

Above is a picture of me rocking this mascara yesterday and yes I loved it it's such a nice look.
For the price these are just incredible and I'll be definitely be repurchasing them soon for sure. They are great to have in the oul makeup bag.

Can you get Essence Cosmetics in your country? Have you tried them yet?


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