Thursday, February 9, 2017

Swim Like A Fish

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Hope you're enjoying this series so far as much as I'm enjoying writing it which is alot. I have so many ideas running through my head for posts recently so there will be loads more coming don't worry.

I recently took up swimming again as I feel it's great for weightloss and if you can't hit the gym well it's a good way to stay fit and healthy. When I was younger my parents always called me a water baby ever since I can remember. Even in freezing cold Winter months I'd be jumping into the freezing cold sea. Even last year I did that with my Dad and the surge of energy after you jump in makes you feel so alive I love it. I'm guessing me being a water baby makes perfect sense as I'm a Aquarian also known as the water carrier.
I go to a Aqua Aerobics class in my local swimming pool and I love it. I also have a partner in crime to go with, my Nanna. This woman means the world to me and she's so inspiring. She had a knee replacement towards the end of last year and being in here eighties she felt like it was going to be really debilitating that was the factor she feared the most. Almost three months on she couldn't have been more wrong as a hobby she decided to take up swimming. For a woman that never swam before in her life and find this amazing. She's a natural and loves the water like I do. Not only is it great for her recovery being in the water but it also is great for her fitness levels. I went over a couple of times with her and my Aunty while they swam I just watched but as my Aunty got more busy in work I decided to take over her role. My Nanna was only delighted as though she's confident in the pool she does get nervous at times so when she heard I was going to go with her that made her day. I usually just take the tote bag pictured above with me to the pool. It fits everything in it but it's certainly not waterproof which is a downside but I love the colour. My friend Chie who is a YouTube from the States bought this for me a few years back and I use it alot. It's so handy for carrying stuff around. Besides a towel, my hat and my swimming togs I also bring along a moisturiser. You know yourself that chlorine can not be at all good for your skin. I've been using the Nimue Moisturiser alot lately and its tiny so it fits really well into my swimming bag. I love the smell of this stuff too.

I'm definitely going to keep up my hobby as I feel so refreshed after a Aqua Aerobics class even though the water is a bit cold when you first enter the pool I have to say. The classes can be intense at times and they do run for 45mins but you do feel like you accomplished something when you finish. I feel like this had really aided my fitness so far. I only went to one class this week and I really miss it already to be honest so I'm definitely going to go again next week twice. I feel this class has already really helped my weight loss so I'm going keep it up for sure. I'm doing my next weightloss update on Saturday so keep an eye out for that for sure.

What do you do to keep fit?


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