Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Lo Down - My Feelings toward Mental Health

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Mental Health is a taboo subject here in Ireland. It was not talked about in Ireland enough until recently, saying that it needs to be talked about even more. Many teenagers and young adults have mental health problems in this day and age and are sometimes scared to go and seek help which needs to change drastically. I for one thing didn't get help for a long time as I was pretty scared and confused, I didn't know what resources were available to me at the time. I'm a 100% sure this was a result of mental health not being talked about.
I wish sometimes that I had of gotten the help I needed sooner as I probably would of got better quicker but sure those hard times made me who I am today which is wiser and sometimes a carefree person. Everyones recovery period is different aswell so you just don't know what's going happen. In seriousness I don't feel people that have mental health issues in Ireland get enough help which is very wrong in my eyes and probably alot of other peoples too.

In my opinion there's only so much that can be said in a 30 minute psychiatrist session so there should be more affordable resources like counselling sessions and anxiety classes as I feel they would help alot. When I was going through a hard time I didn't get to see a counsellor as they were just a bit too expensive for me so I relied alot on anxiety classes. I thought mine was pretty good at times because as well as being given information to help your problem, you are also able to engage with others that may be going through the same thing.

I was one of the lucky ones, some aren't so lucky which makes me really sad. I had an amazing support system around me. Great family and friends who were there when I needed them most. They helped me through the bad times and they did more for me than they'll ever know and I'll always be thankful for that.

I've come along way in three years it took positivity and determination to pull through it. It is so important to above anything else listen and just be there for the person who is going through a tough time, they won't be better in a day but they will get there I promise.

I hope this post helped you in some way, shape or form I really do, just always remember you got this! Ireland has a long way to go in terms of mental health treatment but I know with the right efforts from all involved we will get there eventually.


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