Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Lo Down - Essie Button/Estee Lalonde Bloom Book

Hey Guys and Dolls,

As you all know I love when bloggers are doing well for themselves. Another beauty blogger I adore is Estee Lalonde, most people will know her as Essie Button. I've been a huge fan of hers since she broke into the YouTube scene a couple of years ago. It wasn't long til her views were going up in the thousands and she grew in popularity. Her and her boyfriend Aslan do amazing YouTube videos and I love when they come up in my subscription box. From day to day vlogs to how to beauty videos, everyone is always kept entertained that's for sure. I was so excited when she decided to launch her own book. I knew right away that this would be something I'd love. I hadn't got time to purchase or to be honest the funds so I held back on getting it for a while. That changed a couple of days ago and I bought it on Easons website. Just to let you know the postage was super quick in that site aswell. I don't think it's one people think to use that much, well I haven't. 
So back to the book, it arrived yesterday so I haven't had time to read it as of yet so this is going to be somewhat of a overview post but I'll definitely do another post which of course will be a review once I finish reading it. First off can we just appreciate the cover of this book. It's beautiful! I love the colour of it and I think the cover photo of Estee is so pretty.

The book itself is jam packed, it includes sections on travel, fashion, food and of course beauty. I'm only a couple of pages through so far and I find this book so interesting. It's full of snippets from Estee's life and it has beautiful pictures aswell. It's definitely a page turner that's for sure. I'm really enjoying it so far and I can't wait to see read some more. It's such a miserable day here in Dublin so day will pretty much consist of reading some more of this and watching Season 2 of Once Upon a Time I think. It seriously sounds like the perfect day to me a good book and a great tv series that I'm loving. I'm actually going to bring it over to Daragh's house later aswell so he'll be stuck with it too but I think he'll like it like how couldn't you it's amazing.

I like how this book is a perfect coffee table book. Daragh and I are talking about moving out maybe the end of this year/early next year when I eventually get a job so I'm already building my collection of coffee table books. Well I have most of them for a long time and this book will definitely be added to that collection. I think being hardback it makes the book look really fancy. I bought this book for €22.99 which I guess isn't so bad as it looks like it's going to be a good read and it just looks amazing. I don't mind forking out on books because if it's a good one I always cherish it as there's nothing better than a good book for me. You can always catch me chilling out most days with cosy socks reading one of my favourites that's for sure. As I'm a avid reader I'm definitely going to be doing more book review posts in the future so if that's something your into check back soon.


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