Friday, April 14, 2017

The Lo Down - Weightloss Update #11

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I can't believe I'm on my 11th weightloss update, like where does the time go? It's hard to believe that we're half way through April, the Summer months will be upon us before we know it. Its crazy! Of course I want to get Summer ready, I may not be rocking a bikini this year but I want to feel fitter by then so you know what that means alot of hard work thats what.
I've been working hard the last week anyways thats for sure. I'm down a further 4 pounds bringing my total weightloss up to 2 stone 8 and a half pounds in a 2 and a half month time frame. I know unreal like I couldn't be happier right now. I'm smashing all my targets left right and centre plus I just feel really good in myself all round to be honest. Exercise has taken a back seat since I started college as I just don't have the time but I've started getting off the bus stop before mine just to get that bit of a walk in and sure I've been walking everywhere these days anyway so that's really helped.

I'm still staying clear of the college canteen, I just can't chance eating college food or lets be honest I just won't stop. Sad but true! I am really enjoying college by the way my course is really good but you are sitting around for pretty much the full day which can be a pretty much a pain but I'm working around it. Now that the Summer is nearly upon us Marley Park is opening later which is good. My Dad and I actually went on a long walk last week. I love going on walks up there even just to clear the head so I'm going to be going on a lot of walks up there in the coming weeks. I'm going to bring my phone aswell as there's so many photo opportunities up there as it's such a beautiful park. I wish I was going to one of the concerts up there over the Summer who knows I just might treat myself to a ticket if I keep doing so well I think.

In the coming week I'm still going to work my ass of eating well and walking as much as I can to get some form of exercise in. Sure we'll see how things go and I'll definitely keep you updated on my progress that's for sure.


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