Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Lo Down - March/April Favourites

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I can't believe another two months have flown by, it's insane. You know what that means it's time for my favourites and I'm so excited to show you guys what I've been loving this month. I have quite a few so lets get started.
Lee Stafford Coco Loco Shampoo and Conditioner
As I've told you in a couple of posts already, I love trying new haircare and I get the opportunity to try these two products over the last months. I love them both and I was so impressed. They smell of coconut which to me is so yum!! They also leave my hair looking amazing and squeaky clean, just what I want from any shampoo and conditioner. I highly recommend them both and I can't wait to try some more products from this line once I recover from my head surgery. I did a review recently which you can check out here.
MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick and NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lip Glosses
I have two lip products to share with you guys this month. First up is MAC's Velvet Teddy lipstick. This lipstick has a huge following and is definitely one of the most popular MAC lipsticks that they have to offer. It's so easy to apply and looks beautiful on the lips. It has a matte finish and just goes perfectly with any makeup look which is why I love it so much. I'm almost all out of mine so I will definitely be repurchasing it really soon. A review of this product can be found here. The other lip product favourite of mine is from NYX Cosmetics which is one of my favourite drugstore brands at the moment. I haven't tried a product that I didn't like yet which is really good. My favourite product of theres at the moment is their Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks. They are just amazing, I adore them. They apply as a liquid and dry to a matte finish lipstick. There are so many shades to choose from and I have quite a few that I couldn't pick just one. It's definitely worth your while to go to your local counter to have a mooch if you ask me. If you want to check out my full review you can find it here.
Uriage HandCream
I love a good hand cream as my hands do get so dry as the weather is so changeable out there at the moment. I've been using a new handcream from Uriage lately and I think it's really good. It's nice and thick but it sinks into my skin right away. I carry this everywhere with me and I'm forever pulling it out of my bag when my hands are needing that extra bit of tlc. I recently was sent that intense version of this so I'll definitely let you know my thoughts soon. This handcream smells lovely too by the way. I posted a review of this a couple of weeks ago which you can see here.
Blank Canvas Makeup Brushes
I like having good tools to apply my makeup and I've looked no further than Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes lately. This is an Irish brand and they are such good quality. I owned a couple of their brushes then when I seen that they had a sale over Christmas I purchased the Dimension Series Hamper and I'm so glad I did. It contains so many amazing brushes from face to eye so it gives great variety. I have been using these so much lately and I definitely want to pick up another set soon. If you want to see my post on these brushes you can check it out here.
Yes you read it right, I love to read! I've been reading just about anything I can get my hands on lately. I think it's so important to keep your mind active and I love being transported into another world that I made up after reading a good book. I've been reading since I was about 6 and everyone in my house calls me the reader, I'm definitely a bit of a book nerd. I've read quite a few books over the last while so if you look back over my blog you'll definitely find a good few book reviews and there'll be more to come in the next while aswell.
Since I did my last favourites post I started college, I actually did a post on it already a couple of weeks back. It had to make it into my favourites as I'm enjoying the course so much at the minute. At present I'm chilling out after getting minor head surgery on Thursday but I seriously can't wait to get back into college when I'm better next week. I'm learning so much and the course is full with interesting content so I'm loving it. If you didn't know I'm studying Social Media for Business in a college in Dublin and I think this course will really help my blog in the future. It's not fully focused on Social Media all the time though which I like, there's alot of marketing content. I studied Marketing in college before so I definitely have an advantage at the moment as I love the module alot. I'll definitely keep you posted with how I'm getting on with the course. Another post about my college life is actually going up on Monday or Tuesday so keep an eye out for that for sure.

That's it, my favourites for the month of April and May. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it, which is alot by they way.My next favourites post will be up in July so definitely come back for that.


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