Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Liz Earle Haircare Range

Im always raving about Liz Earle's Skincare range. I absolutely love everything from their Hot Cloth Cleanser to their Skin Repair Light, all the products I've tried so far have done wonders for my skin. 

So when I was given the chance to try some products from their Award-Winning haircare range I jumped at the opportunity. I've seen alot of great reviews so I couldn't wait to use them myself.

 After using Botanical Shine Shampoo & Conditioner my hair was left feeling so soft and shiny. I could notice the difference after washing my hair once. My hair is a very dull dark brown shade, so I was surprised to see it was left looking so glossy. This hardly ever happens when using other haircare products, let alone after one wash. Even my Mom passed a compliment which doesn't happen alot. The shampoo itself lathers really nicely and gives my hair such a nice cleaning. Having coloured hair myself I was concerned at first that this may strip my colour, alas it didn't. I shall update this after time and let you know if it does long term, I doubt it will though. While being only one shampoo in the range that suits all hair types, there are three  Botanical Shine Conditioners each for a particular hair type. I went for the one that was suitable for dry or damaged. My hair is quite damaged as I tend to straighten it alot, which is bad I know. This conditioner left my hair feeling soft maybe not as much as my favourite but I still really like this. I see both the shampoo and conditioner lasting a very long time. I use up a bottle of shampoo in no time, with Botanical Shine Shampoo you literally only need a walnut sized amount. Both products have nice fresh scents which I like.

I couldn't wait to try the Botanical Shine Treatment, the newest addition to the Liz Earle Haircare range. I have really over the top frizzy hair, the only way I can describe it is out of control. I always find products that claim to leave hair frizz free and I'm always left disappointed by them. After using the Botanical Shine Treatment, I was so impressed. My hair looked so beautiful, not a bit of frizz in sight which is unusual for me. I use this in my hair once a week, leave it in for thirty minutes and then wash the treatment out. I read a book to pass the time which usually flies by. This treatment can also be left in for ten minutes, but I prefer to leave it in longer to give my hair a extra boost. Again I didn't notice my hair colour fading after using this product, all three products contained apple extract so I was worried it would happen.

All products were winners for me, I can see myself repurchasing all three when I run out. Price wise these products won't break the bank, the treatment is €15.75/£14 while the Shampoo and Conditioner are €9/£8 each. As I said previously a little goes along way with these products so these will last you ages.

Liz Earle's Haircare range is available buy from Wilde & Green, Milltown or online.

Have you tried the Liz Earle Haircare range? What's your thoughts?



  1. I have tried the skincare and it is fab, smells lovely, might give this a go :-)


    1. This has a really nice fresh scent too!! Oh I'm such a big fan of their skincare I love their Skin Repair Light Moisturiser xxx

  2. hmmmm, I already Love the Cleanser.... *adds shampoo and conditioner to list of stuff to try*

    1. I love the cleanser too!!:D I always have a back up just in case it runs out!! Oh let me know how you get on if you try the haircare xxx

  3. im usong the shampoo and conditioner! :) its lovely isnt it.

    Please do join my giveaway!

  4. I really want to try the Liz Earle haircare.. It's not too pricey either x

    1. Yeah I like how it isn't too expensive, I know some haircare ranges can be xxx


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