Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Lo Down - My Beautiful Struggle by Jordan Bone

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I was recently sent a book to review that was written by one of my favourite beauty bloggers, Jordan Bone. If you haven't heard of her you must be seriously living under a rock cause she's totally amazing. She has a YouTube channel that I watch so much, I love when a new video pops up in my feed.
For me Jordan is so inspirational, when she was 15 years old she was in a terrible car accident that left her paralysed from the chest down and shocked her into depression. Instead of giving in she was like a phoenix rising from the ashes, after a long recovery because of her love of makeup she started a YouTube channel and I along with all the rest of her subscribers are glad she did

I read her newly launched book in a couple of sittings and the story is so powerful and inspiring. I actually cried a tear reading some of it. To have come through so much in your teens is incredible. It makes me realise not to sweat the small stuff and get on with my life.

I love how Jordan compares chapters in her life to her makeup routine, it is such an uplifting book and it's definitely a must read. I'm so happy to see so many amazing bloggers doing well for themselves, it's well deserved.


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