Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Lo Down - Our Marley Park Adventure

Hey Guys and Dolls,

The weather in Ireland at the moment has been amazing. I love a nice bit of sunshine like everybody else so of course I had to make the most of it so Daragh and I decided to take a trip to Marley Park last week. Himself had never been to Marley Park before so as Bilbo Baggins said in The Hobbit we're going on an adventure and that we did.
We went up to the park last Wednesday and we had a nice walk around and then we chilled out in the grass and listened to some music which was total bliss. I love Marley Park myself it's so nice to be in absolutely beautiful surroundings and Daragh really liked it too. We are definitely considering going to Longitude in July, I adore Mumford and Sons and they are playing on the Sunday so we're going to try get 2 tickets soon. We are going to Damien Dempsey in the Iveagh Gardens in July aswell so we are going to have to try and fit Longitude in aswell as it's usually really good craic, sure you can't really beat a festival style concert in a park. It sounds amazing and it will be my first time going aswell if we do manage to get tickets that is.
If you haven't taken a visit to Marley Park in a while definitely try to get there whilst the weather is so good, you won't regret it.


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