Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Lo Down - Garnier Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating ReBalancing Mask

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Having loved the Garnier Moisture Bomb  Super Hydrating Rebalancing Tissue Masks I decided to pick up the Super Hydrating Rebalancing Masks when I was in Boots recently. This one is for rebalancing your skin and it is said to give a matte finish. I have combination skin so I was looking forward to seeing what this mask was like as I was a big fan of the original one.
I love nothing more than to chill out in the evening with a relaxing face mask, it seriously is bliss. They leave my skin looking so good and feeling fresh which is exactly what I need lately when my skin is looking so dull and dry. I do tend to get problematic skin during this time of year so they work wonders in combating that.

I did enjoy using this mask but the original is still my favourite. The Super Hydrating Rebalancing Mask is also that little bit pricier aswell which is worth taking note of. I guess it just depends on personal preference when it comes to picking up one of these masks.


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