Friday, August 12, 2011

Wish I never bought it!! #1 Bliss Lid + Lash Wash Remover

Recently I've become a fan of Bliss. I'm in love with their body butters (smell amazing) especially Lemon & Sage. So when I was looking for an eye makeup remover I decided to try their offering. Which turned out to be a big mistake.

I've had Bliss Lid + Lash wash makeup remover for a little over a month now. I bought this product just before I got my makeup done at the Benefit event in June. I was looking for a eye makeup remover at the time as I had recently run out of MAC Pro Eye Make Up Remover and it sadly wasn't instock. Needing a replacement  badly I browsed the many counters at Brown Thomas. I walked by the Bliss counter and  there I spotted their eye makeup remover. I was a bit skeptical about buying it at first. It's a bit pricey at €20. After having a chat with the sales assistant and being told a ample amount of times how amazing the product was. I decided to bite the bullet and bought it. Now almost a month later and half way through the bottle, this is the worse eye makeup remover I've ever come across. After being told how great it was so many times instore, I though it was going to be the next best thing. Sadly that certainly wasn't the case.

Lid +Lash Eye Wash Makeup Remover is a cool gel formula that comes in a plastic bottle with a pump. Like most makeup removers you apply one pump to a cotton pad and sweep all over your eye. After using this product my eyelashes were left stuck together with mascara. I had to dip cotton pads into cold water and apply them to my lashes just to get them separated ( looking normal again). I thought this was maybe bad luck so I've used this product a few times. Everytime I kept getting the same result which is shocking for an eye makeup remover that costs €20.  This has never happened to me before using a makeup remover maybe it's the fact that it's a gel formula. None the less I was left not impressed by this product one little bit. Bliss states on the bottle that this formula is for all skin types and non irritating. I don't think this would be the best for people suffering with sensitive eyes as I feel it's a quite heavy formula. I was unfortunate enough to get it in my eyes and it was the most painful experience ever.

Needless to say I won't be purchasing this product anytime soon. I doubt I'll even finish this one, I wouldn't want to put my poor eyelashes through it again. Definitely a bad buy on my behalf and I'll never make the same mistake and buy it again.

After ditching this product I've started using Loreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. I love this product, it's great and so inexpensive. It's for all skin types and gently removes every trace of eye makeup. I will be repurchasing this product as it's certainly a new favourite of mine.

What products do you wish you never bought??



  1. Oh there are too many products to mention but worst has to be Nair Hair removal Gel with glitter, do not ask why i bought this, it was CRAP

  2. fantastic post!

    Klaudia B.

  3. You would think an eye makeup remover would be gentle..isn't that the whole point.
    Great post!

  4. There are so many products that I wish I hadn't bought but mainly because I end up being allergic to them. I might do a post about them.

    That doesn't sound good at all, like why in the name of god would you want an eye makeup remover that sticks your lashes together?

    Great post though so thanks for sharing, at we know what not to buy.

  5. I hate it when you splurge on a product and it sucks :( Such a waste of money! I wish more companies would start coming out with smaller, trial size products, especially for skin care. I don't mind paying a little for a weeks' worth of product to try it out.

  6. Great review, will not be buying that anytime soon! xxx


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