Saturday, June 11, 2011 Haul!!!:):)

Last Tuesday, I finally got my package from The order was delayed because the product I wanted wasn't in stock and when it was finally shipped there was 2 bank holidays in a row ( 1 in England and Ireland) which in turn caused further disruption to the arrival of my package.

When I seen all my lovely products I knew it was worth the wait. When I ordered all my goodies I had a 20% discount code (Thanks to Charli!). I took full advantage of  this discount and went on a online beauty shopping spree and I got some gorgeous products. So far I've only tried out a few but I'm really impressed with what I purchased..

Firstly my package cam looking like this, it was covered with a Beauty Bay embroidered bag. I will upload a picture on a later date as I seem to have mislaid it.

I think the products inside this box are the ones that matter:)

Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion
At first glance, I loved the new packaging on this product. It's so much easier to use and there is also 10% more product in this than in the old packaging!!

OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean Mini Collection
I am such a big fan of Pirates Of The Caribbean.This collection was a must:)

From L2R- Skulls & Glossbones, Planks Alot, Sparrow Me the Drama, Stranger Tides

OPI Cirque De Femme Mini Collection
 All the neutral shades in this collection are gorgeous. I can't wait to try them all out!!:)

L2R- I Juggle...Men, So Many Clowns So Little Time, In The Spot-Light Pink, Step Right Up!

Too Faced Look Of Love Spring Makeup Collection 2011
I got this collection as I love Too Faced products. Sadly their not available in Ireland anymore, When I seen this beautiful set I'm glad I got my hands on it. You get so much value for money with this set believe me!!:)

L2R- Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer, Lash Injection Mascara, Look Of Love Compact, Deluxe Primed & Poreless Primer, Flatbuki Brush, Glamour Gloss

I've been so busy lately that I've only been able to use 2 products from this collection so far, Look Of Love Compact and the Glamour Gloss!!! My verdict- I adore them.

The 2 eyeshadows you receive in this compact are "Silk Teddy" and "Totally Toasted". If you own Too Faced Natural Eye Palette you will already own "Silk Teddy". These two eyeshadows create a very natural daytime look. I  haven't used the blusher " La Vie En Rose" yet but I shall let you know when I do.

I love this lipgloss. The shade is Barely Legal and it's a lovely neutral pink shade. The packaging is so cute and girly and is very well detailed. The gloss itself contains Lip Injection Comfort Plump. I don't like lip plumpers, the ones I've tried have always not suited me. This one I can find nothing wrong with and I don't get that irritating feeling on my lips that I get with some brands.

That comes to the end of my haul from BeautyBay. I found their website to be full of good bargains as some of the products are cheaper than on counters in Ireland. If you want to check out their website I shall leave it linked below. I'm sure you'll find something you like as there are endless amounts of products to be seen.:)

Hope you enjoyed,

Beauty Bay Website-


  1. Ah I have waited so long to see this post haha! The Too Faced stuff looks fab and thank you so much for the mention! I am also loving Planks Ahoy... Such a gorgeous colour! xxx

  2. Love OPI Cirque De Femme Mini Collection - so neutral and understated. I think that is another product I can add to my list of ''Would likes'' lol :P

  3. must of been like xmas when you opened that! it all looks amazing! x

  4. The OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean Mini Collection looks so cute & pretty!

    Please do review the Too Faced set :)

  5. wow... you sure did buy a lot :) Love the look of the OPI pirates collection!


  6. AMAZING haul!! Hope you're enjoying your goodies!!

  7. Hey! What is that Urban Decay primer like? I just ordered the Naked eyeshadow palette (how behind the times am I?!)


  8. @Charli Your welcome lovie:):) I'm wearing that shade now ...may do a NOTD:):) xxx

    @PeachPoison Yeah it totally was :):)

    @Red lips, Black Hair Yeah I can't wait to try them all out:):)

    @Stephanie I love Urban Decay's Primer Potion it's one of my must have products at the moment..I've tried so many eyeshadow primers but I always come back to this one... I highly recommend it!!:):)


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