Monday, June 6, 2011

Fab 100 Giveaway Details!!!

Hey Lovelies!!

Firstly 100 followers!! Wow!! I am so utterly surprised that so many people like my blog let alone read it for that I thank you!!!:):)

This post is to quickly outline some details for my upcoming giveaway to celebrate reaching this amazing milestone and just to have some input to see what you would like in this giveaway too!!
To show my utmost appreciation I have up up with some ideas for  this giveway !!!:):) The main prize is going to be a Inglot 4 Square Eyeshadow Palette containing eyeshadow shades of your choice. The winner can tell me what colours they would like and I will personally go to my local Inglot Counter and pick out shadows and compile your palette!!!

I would also like to know what you girlies would want included in this giveaway!!! So if you follow my blog leave comments below of products you would like as this giveaway is for you!!!

I will leave this post open til Friday and after that I shall have a look through the ideas you have left. I will select a couple of products and on Monday 13th June I will publish a post featuring the prizes that are up for grabs!!!:):)

Thanks again,



  1. Pleaseeee include an Inglot lipstick of your choice, I want an Inglot lipstick so much! Can't wait for the giveaway. :)

    Also I think you should have multiple entries like "follow me on twitter for 2 extra entries" etc

    Thanks for this & congrats on 100!!

  2. Congrats lovely, well deserved xxx

  3. Maybe you could pop in a few of your favourite products? Congrats on the 100 + followers, well deserved! xx

  4. Congrats, to many many more xxx

  5. Congratulations! Keep up the awesome job!

  6. Hey, Congratulations on the big 100 :) ... i think maybe you should include a mascara, possibly a waterproof/ smudgeproof one, maybe a base?? Anyways, looking forward to reading more posts :) keep up the awesomeness

  7. Awww thanks girls for the all the lovely comment:):)...means so much and I really appreciate it!!!! xxxxx<3

  8. Congrats! A few of your favourites or a lipstick would be great. Keep up the good work!

  9. Delighted for you :) You really are lovely so you deserve it! :D You should put in some of your favourites, they're usually the best little things! :)


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