Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beauty Swap With Laura aka FitznBitz!

I love Beauty Swaps it's a good way to try out products that you've never seen or wouldn't necessarily try as it may not be your go-to product. I would so recommend doing one if you haven't already. Even though this is my second swap I still get excited cause it's such a surprise seeing what people have picked out for you.

I recently did a swap with my fellow Irish beauty blogger, Laura (Fitz N Bitz). She is such a big fan of Inglot Cosmetics like myself. If you haven't seen her blog already you should definitely have a look ( I will also leave her YouTube channel below).

Here are the lovely goodies Laura sent me.
Everything was wrapped so nicely. I really didnt want to open it:)

17 Eyeshadow in Rose Quartz

I've been using this eyeshadow quite alot lately as a all over eye colour. Sadly it broke in the post but it hasn't stop me from using it one bit.
Now we have two Collection 2000 products

Collection 2000 Blush in Bashful

Unfortunately, I've just been so busy as of late I haven't got to use this blusher that much. The shade name Bashful, reminds me so much of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which I suppose it's meant to:)

Collection 2000 Lock N Hold Lipgloss in Rock Steady 3

For me, this product is a totally different shade in the bottle than it is on my lips. In the bottle, it looks like a light peach gloss. On the lips, I'm left with a gorgeous light pink gloss which I love.

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Rose Petal

This is such a lovely light pink lipstick and will be perfect for the summer.

MAC Glaze Lipstick in Hue

I've seen this on so many beauty blogs so I was so happy when I seen Laura had sent me it. A while ago, I was going to buy this lipstick but it was out of stock which shows how popular it is. I think this shade is so wearable and it's a lipstick that I think would fit nicely into anybody's collection.

Here is a quick swatch of the two lipsticks above

L2R-Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Rose Petal + MAC Glaze Lipstick in Hue

Last but not least Laura sent me this lovely card:):)

Thanks so much Laura for taking part in this with me. I really love everything you got me. I hope you enjoy your products too.

If you girls have done a beauty swap definitely leave the links below as I'd love to check them out:)


Laura's Beauty Channel-


  1. That's such a cool idea, she sent you some lovely things :)


  2. I might do this for when I go to the Caribbean . . .pick up some bits and do a swap with someone . . :) Seems really fun :)

  3. I'm dying to do a swap with someone, but I know it will come in time =] It's ok that I haven't yet, because I'm a little low on funds!

  4. Glad you like everything! :) Sickened that the eyeshadow smashed tho!!! >:( I went out and bought the same lipgloss after i bought yours!

  5. @Stephanie..Yeah she did I was so happy with everything...

    @Hair and Beautylicious When are you off to the caribbean??...

    @JessieMariem You should they are so much fun:)

    @FitznBitx...I love everything Laura Thanks so much...Hope your liking your stuff...oh it's fine lovie I'm still using it:)....Do u like the gloss I love it:)

  6. Nice post :)

  7. fabulous swap ive never tried any of those products before you should do reviews on them :D

  8. i use that blush & it is amazing!! <3 and its so cute x

  9. Those items are amazing! I would love to do a swap too, do check out my blog first if you are interested. :)


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