Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Korres Walnut & Coconut Oil Clear Sunscreen Review

 Coconut is one of my favourite scents in the world! It reminds me of Summertime and holidays which in turn makes me think about lovely weather, the beach and good times:):)

I'm reminded how important it is to wear sunscreen during the Summer. I underwent phototherapy to treat Guttae psoriasis a few years ago. Ever since I've been looking after my skin alot as it have become pretty sensitive and can burn easily. As even though the treatment dealt with my condition, my skin reacted badly.

At the moment I am using Korres Walnut & Coconut Oil Clear Sunscreen for the Body which has a SPF 20. It is from their new suncare collection for Summer 2011. Korres is a fairly new brand in Ireland and I have seen it in Harvey Nichols and House Of Fraser in Dublin. Before i tried this product I hadn't really heard much about Korres so I'll give you a brief bit of background, shall I??? 

Korres is a Greek skincare company which was set up in 1996. They are world known for their products which contain all natural ingredients and formulae. The company also have their own makeup line and haircare range which I have read such good things about and I'm really looking forward to trying!!!

Back to the product, I have been using this product for about 3 weeks now and have to admit I've really enjoyed using it. There are many reasons why I like this product. Firstly it goes without saying that I like this product as it doesn't contain any chemicals whatsoever. This sunscreen contains a list of ingredients which include Walnut Oil, Carrot Oil and Coconut Oil which are all organic. Before I used this product I didn't know Walnut Oil was a natural protection from the sun, this fact was news to me!!!:)

This product has a spray-top which I feel is less time consuming than using a suncream. Before applying this product I shake it well and apply wherever it's needed. The sunscreen itself is clear and not one bit oily/greasy, it absorbs quickly into the skin while also leaving it feeling nice and soft:):). When I first used this product I found the scent to be strong. But don't let that put you off as in time it fades away to a gorgeous coconut scent. This product is just one part of the Suncare Collection 2011 and if you want to have a look at more of this collection or other products Korres has to offer I shall leave the website link below.

I'll definitely bring this suncreen away with me when I book my summer holiday!:):) After trying this product, I would definitely purchase more from their different ranges to get a wider feel of the brand. I am really looking forward to using there lip butters as I hear their amazing.


Korres Website- http://www.korres.com/

 I was sent this product by the Korres PR Team to try out but all thoughts and views on the product are my own<3

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  1. Oooh I'll have to check out their suncare products :)


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