Saturday, June 25, 2011

Korres New Raspberry Liquid Lipsticks

Korres has recently launched their latest lip product "Raspberry Liquid Lipsticks". I'm such a big fan of lip products it's unreal. These lipsticks are said to give you the best of both worlds, as they have the long lasting staying power you'd associate with lipsticks. You also get the nice glossy shine that lipgloss wearers adore.

  At first glance, anybody would mistake this product as just another lipgloss but they'd be so wrong to think this.They are creamy lipsticks and have none of the icky stickiness that some people associate with lipglosses. When I was trying out these lipsticks, I was so intrigued. I've never tried any lip product like this before so I was pretty excited to give them a whirl.

There are 6 different Raspberry Lipstick shades and I was kindly sent 3 of them to try out.

 56 Red

 I'm not a big fan of red lipstick as I squirm at the thought that I may not necessarily pull it off. This is such a gorgeous vibrant shade which I think if you like your red lippie you will love. I've used this lipstick quite a bit and I think my fear of red lipsticks is gone for the moment as I felt this lipstick actually suited me for once. I think it would be perfect for nights out as the staying power is amazing and I don't think you'd really need to top it much. 

30 Nude Beige 

 I am a big fan of nude lipsticks so when I seen this I could not wait to try it out. I found this be a dark nude shade on my lips maybe a little to dark. I would wear this lipstick in the Winter as I don't think it would look too good in the summer.

13 Pink
This has to be my fave lipstick of the bunch. I have been wearing this everywhere from work to going out shopping. This is such a nice shade of pink, I am in love with it. This lipstick would take you through the summer as it's such a versatile shade which I feel is so important. Even for holidays it would be good in a travel bag and I feel it would suit anybody. This will definitely be in my travel bag for sure.

These lipsticks were also made using innovative technology which helps your lips remain hydrated which is so important with the Summer months already upon us. They also contain Raspberry oil which helps protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays which is another reason why they would be a good addition for your upcoming holiday. Korres Raspberry Lipstick are available in most House Of Frasers and Harvey Nichols, where you can have a look at all the other shades on offer. I really enjoyed trying out these lipsticks as they are something totally different to what I'd use. They are so easy to apply on the go and I find I don't use too much product so hopefully they last a while.

What lip shade do you prefer?


 I was sent this product by the Korres PR Team to try out but all thoughts and views on the product are my own<3


  1. Loving the sound of these and that Nude Beige is gorgeous!

  2. I think the pink color is screaming my name =]

  3. Thanks for sharing! I REALLY want to try these. I love the red! :)

  4. I like how pigmented these are! They look great! I prefer colors over nudes though, so I'd definitely go for the red :)

  5. I love the Nude Beige colour, The red is also amazing but looks a little too bright for me. x


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