Saturday, June 18, 2011

Goodies From my My Mom and Dad's Holiday to Espanyol:):)

Last Friday, my parents arrived home from their Spanish holiday. Mom and Dad went to this lovely country for a week to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. I was so happy to hear they had such a fantastic time. They did quite alot in a week visiting Gibraltar to see the monkeys ( Mom was apparently terrified of them quite frankly I wouldn't blame her one bit:P) and also going on a boat trip to Africa.. The week went way to fast and they hope to go back again next year as they loved it so much.

They brought me back a couple of lovely gifts. I was surprised I got so much as this holiday was to celebrate them not to bring back gifts to us three kids!!!

Here are the fab presents I got:)

I got this lovely purse and keyrings!!!

Three elasticated bracelets in a range of colours which I love as they will dress up any outfit over the summer.

A couple of hair accessories:)

Now on to the Make up products. I don't know how my Mom does it but she always picks out products that I love. These two products are no exception.

 The new Loreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara
Wow I've only used this twice and I'm already very fond of it. Have any of your girlies tried it??

 Dior All-In-One Artistry Palette in Navy Design

Oh my god I couldn't believe it when I seen this product. I've never owned a Dior Palette and I was so excited when I seen it among my gifts. It contains everything you need to create a smoky eye including a navy eyeliner. I personally wouldn't use this palette for daytime use ( unless you used the light blue shades) but I would use it for a sultry nighttime look The colours are all gorgeous and as you can see I've been already swatching the shadows and the eyeliner. I wouldn't usually wear navy/blue eyeshadows but I'm really looking forward to using this palette.

I seriously have the best parents in the world for bringing me back this amazing stash of goodies:)



  1. OOOh lucky girl! :) The hair clips are really pretty xx

  2. o very nice the bracelets are so unusual and the hair clips so pretty!

  3. Oooh nice parents!!! They know how to pick out the good stuff :)

  4. Wow, so many cute things!
    I love the Dior 5 coleurs. Have 2 and they will always be my holy grail eyeshadow! So jealous of the one you got though.
    Would love to see how you use it!

    Never tried the 4D mascara, but now am definately going to look out for this next time im shopping :)xx

  5. I love your blog! Please check out my blog the link is . Please follow me if you like!

  6. Key rings are very cute! You're so lucky to get Dior!! :) I'm jealous haha

  7. That Dior palette is to die for! I'm really into the smokey eye look lately, so I gotta check that one out! xx


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