Monday, June 6, 2011

My Latest Purchase- M.A.C Pro Colour Palette

Last week, I purchased a MAC Pro Colour Palette which I can't wait to fill up with a few new eyeshadows. The sleek palette itself holds up to 15 eyeshadows which I think is amazing.I prefer to use custom made palettes to ready-made ones as there is always a shade in a ready made one that you may not necessarily use (I find this the case anyway). I'm really surprised I didn't have this in my makeup collection after seeing it on other beauty blogs. At the end of this year, I'm hoping to start a Make Up artist course which is another reason why I bought this palette as I feel it's a necessity. I already have MAC four pan custom palette (quad) which I use on a regular basis it contains the shades Nylon,Mylar, Kid and Embark. I've hit pan on Mylar which I use as a highlighter with any eyelook I do and I really like it!!!

L2R- Vanilla + HoneyLust

I also purchased two eyeshadows to go in my new palette Honeylust and Vanilla, which a MAC artist used on me when she was doing my makeup for my 21st. I love these shades instantly just took me a while to get around to buying them. The value of this palette is also very good as I was told you save alot more than buying individual eyeshadows.

I am hoping to build up this palette in time as I think it would be quite silly to just jump in and get all 15 eyeshadows all together and I would be broke!!!:P So I'll probably just get 2 shadows monthly.

Do any of you girlies have a MAC Custom Palette or any MAC shadow you like in particular?? What eyeshadow should I get next??



  1. I love this! Amazing blog, it has such great makeup advice!

    If you follow me and comment saying you did and I'll follow you back! xoxo

  2. My friends buying me that (& a lipstick) for my birthday and I'm so excited to fill it up! I think I'm going to build mine up over time too because you never know what will catch your eye!
    I think I'm going to buy the empty quad too for when I'm out and about because I've seen some eyeshadows which I know will become favourites! x

  3. HoneyLust looks gorgeous! I don't have any MAC recommendations I'm not a MAC junkie, haha

  4. Ooh good luck with your course! I love the idea of building a palette and totally know what you mean about the odd shade or two that most have.


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