Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Favourite Lip Combinations

 When I was rummaging through my lip products during the week, I came across Revlon's Sugar Frosting lip butter and Topshop's Nevada lipstick. I haven't used either in a while for no reason other than I didn't think they worked to well on their own.

Sugar Frosting would be the lightest shade out of all the lip butters, resulting in it not being as pigmented. When I first got this I used it quite a bit, but then it found it's way back into my makeup drawer. I preferred the shades of the other lip butter I own like Macaroon and Candy Apple. While cleaning I spotted a Barry M limited edition lipgloss I got free with a Impulse body spray. As I got it as a gift, their doesn't seem to be a shade number, I looked on their website and it looks alot like Strawberry Milkshake. Together they both look gorgeous. A perfect pale pink combination for the Summer, it's like both these products were made for each other. I can see myself using both products alot as they will go with any look.  Another lip combination I've been loving is Topshop's Nevada and MUA's Out There plumping lipgloss in Nude. I loved Nevada lipstick when I first bought it but after a while I grew tired of it. It's a peachy nude shade that blanked out my lips and makes them look flat. I don't know about you but that's not the look I usually go for. I swept a bit of MUA's nude lipgloss on over it and it looks beautiful. For me it just lifts the colour a little, making it look more wearable. Being a plumping lipgloss I wasn't too sure about it at first. I've had quite bad experiences with these sort of products (Urban Decay's offering I'm looking at you), they've just really irritated my lips. This problem hasn't happened with MUA's lipgloss it slightly tingles but that's it.

Topshop's Nevada and MUA's Nude lipgloss

Revlon's Sugar Frosting & Barry M lipgloss

It just shows a little bit of gloss can make all the difference. I don't think I would of used Sugar Frosting  or Nevada if I hadn't discovered these gorgeous products to go with them. I don't particularly like using gloss as it's a given that your hair can get stuck in it, but I really like these looks so I'll let that slide.

What's your favourite lipstick/lipgloss combination?



  1. Sugar frosting is my second favourite to Creme Brûlée :D
    Great post!

    1. Thanks hun glad you liked it:)I haven't tried Creme Brulee yet, It will be next on my list along with Tutti Frutti:D xxx

  2. This is a gorgeous combination, I really love nude lips so I end up doing Creme Cup and a clear gloss :)


    1. I really want to try MAC's Creme Cup I hear it's beautiful xx

  3. Both lip combos look lovely! This has really made me want to go raid my lipgloss drawer :) x

    1. Same I have so mnay lipsticks and glosses I don't show enough love to xxx

  4. I have Topshop Nevada and rarely wear it. I might have a play around with my lipglosses and see if anything works. Thanks for the idea!


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Laura:) Yeah I had it for ages and I wasn't using it at all, glad I found this gloss to go with it xxx


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