Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another Dublin Dart Adventure

It doesn't take long for the horrible rain to show it's face again. Earlier today the weather was lovely, of course I didn't want to take it for granted so my boyfriend and I headed off on the dart. We decided to go on a long walk like the last time but instead of walking from Dun Laoighre to Dalkey, we walked to Killiney. I'm not going to lie it was a bit of a trek for me it took a good two hours or so. I really enjoyed it though and the scenery on the way was gorgeous. A few pit stops were taken, one in particular to get lunch as I came into town straight from work at 1. Paddy opted for a chicken burger and chips while I stuck to the healthier option, plain chicken and lettuce wrap. I also popped into Unique, a gorgeous little shop in Dalkey. I picked up a really nice cardboard bookmark for €3. I read alot and never mark my page so I thought it was a good idea. The shop also stocked a French skincare brand called Durance which I've never heard of. Some of their products looked lovely all be it a on the pricey side. The lovely sales assistant gave me a few sachets and a booklet to read through, I'm looking forward to reading up on the brand. Walking to Dalkey wasn't difficult at all, I just wasn't expecting the long walk to get Killiney. Oh lord it took forever but we did see some incredible houses along the way, one had a gargoyle for a letterbox, like who does that? We also passed Bono's gated house which I'd never seen before, quite odd as I've lived in Dublin my whole life. The street sign outside his house is so cool it has like messages from fans, mostly quotes from songs and stuff. I'm pretty sure we found Narnia, all round Killiney there were gates like a foot high that led to nowhere, looked odd to me. If you are ever in Dublin you should definitely go to both places, the views are amazing and you won't regret it!

Well the walk has certainly taken alot out of me, I'm so tired. I'm off to read the second book in The Secret Circle series, I loved the first one!



  1. Ah great pics you too look lovely together! I'm taking a leaf out of your book and have cut out all choccy, want to get some great results like you are, you're looking great:)

    1. Awww thanks so much hun for your lovely comment.:)xxx


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