Saturday, December 17, 2011

IWhite 7 Day Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening is never something I thought of doing. I've been told some mad stories about people getting there teeth whitened and things going wrong.

When I was contacted to try the I White Teeth Whitening kit I was sceptical at first. After hearing stories who wouldn't be I guess. Finally I decided to give it a go. My teeth are in pretty good condition and I have never had problems with them. Colour wise they could be better, my teeth has a slight yellow tinge that I wasn't happy about. At the end of the day I thought using this kit would be a good idea!

I White Teeth Whitening Kit is a seven day treatment that is easy to use. Basically each treatment takes twenty minutes and I found the time flew by. 

Each kit contains the following:
1 dual arch mouth tray
14 whitening foam strips
User Guide

Here are the before and after pictures


The results are astonishing and I couldn't be happier with them.The treatment has left my teeth much whiter but not overly white. People have commented on how nice my teeth look which is so nice. I did feel a bit of sensitivity in my bottom teeth which did worry me a little as I don't have sensitive teeth. If you have sensitive teeth already I wouldn't recommend it. IWhite Teeth Whitening Kit is something I would use again but not for a long time, maybe for my birthday or a event!

IWhite Teeth Whitening Kit retails for €29.99 is available to buy in selected pharmacies or online.



  1. Wow!! That seems to work really well!!

  2. Holy crap balls! I used this product and thought it was great but your after photos is amazing. I will defo be getting this product again!

  3. Looks well, Pearly whites for Christmas I think:)


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