Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas #8 - Korres Men's Kit

Here's one for the man in your life. Korres Men's Kit contains four mini products from their men's range and comes in this stylish navy blue box. I know what some of you may be thinking "most men don't use skincare". Well most of the men in my life don't except my brother. This kit is different though as it contains essential products that men actually use on a regular basis like showergel and shave cream. Rest assured nothing will go to waste.

Each kit contains the following products....

Absinthe Men's Shave Cream 25ml "Heady shave cream for a close & smooth shave"
Marigold & Ginseng Aftershave Balm 25ml "A light-textured balm for aftershave care"
Cedar Showergel 50ml "An amalgam of earthy and forest tones"
Rice Proteins & Oligoelements Shampoo 50ml "Toning shampoo for fine and fragile hair"

What man wouldn't use these products?! It's a brilliant kit for a man who travels alot, I can certainly see my dad using something like this as it has everything he would need. No need to worry about travel restrictions either as they are all under 100ml. This kit is available all year round not just for Christmas so it would also be a nice birthday gift.

Korres Men's Kit retails for €12 (£10)  and is available to buy from House of Fraser or online.



  1. ok - this post is so exciting! I love Korres, and I love buying my man skincare products to use, surprisingly he likes trying out products too - just not enough where he'd go out and buy these items himself. I need to keep this kit in mind for Father's Day! :)


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