Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Gifts From MakeupLand2011

The lovely Chie from Makeupland2011 sent me a Christmas gift which I received in the post last week. I've done two swaps with Chie in the past which you can check out here.  It was like Christmas had come early when this parcel arrived at my house!! All the products were wrapped in gorgeous festive wrapping paper.

No your eyes don't deceive you, these are the much talked about Revlon Lip Butters. Chie surprised me with three gorgeous shades, Cotton Candy is my current favourite. Revlon Lip Butters are only available in the United States, I don't think there launching in Europe until March next year. I'm going to pop up a review on these sometime in the New Year.

Chie also got me the ELF HyperShine Gloss Collection set. It contained all of the above lipglosses. I've never tried these ELF lipglosses before and so far I'm loving them. They are all wearable shades that I can see myself using alot. The middle lipgloss in the picture above doesn't have a name, I wonder what it is?

Thank you so much Chie for being so nice and thoughtful. I really love what you got me! I hope your enjoying your gifts too:D



  1. oooh i love the lip butters! all amazing shades :) xxxx

  2. So awesome! I hope you enjoy the butters. I foolishly tried to go pick one up at Target on Christmas Eve.. yeah there were none. Haha :)
    Merry Christmas Laura!


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