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The Lo Down - New Products from Max Factor

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I've used Max Factor products for an age, I think I started using them back in secondary school when I started first. My school wasn't so strict on makeup at all so we could wear it when we wanted except in Home Ec when we were cooking or doing practicals for exams. I opted to use Max Factor Pan Stick which looking back now was actually a bit too dark for me but sure who could tell me anything because I know I wasn't listening one bit. I'm not too sure if you can even get it now anymore but I know it was a firm favourite with my sister.

I'm going to show you some products that have been released recently or in the past year or so. I've been using them a while and so far so good I like them.
Miracle Touch Skin Smoothing Foundation
I've used this foundation before and I was quite the fan. I'm pretty sure they've reformulated it in recent times but it's still just as good. The foundation itself comes in a compact which is so handy to chuck in the bag for on the go, even better for the odd touch up here and there. I feel this product best applies which the sponge that you get with it. I usually just apply a couple of dots to my face and blend it in. This foundation is quite medium coverage and fantastic for everyday. Now the only downside for me is the shade, I was sent the shade natural not too long ago and I'm a bit too fair for it. This shade could work really well when I have a tan over the Summer but in the meantime I'm going to lend it to my Mum as she's alot darker than I am.

Smooth Miracle Primer
To go along with the Miracle Touch Skin Smoothing Foundation we have the primer which I adore. I never apply foundation without a primer as I have oily combination skin which means my foundation tends to move around a bit if it's left to its own devices. One pump of this stuff is definitely enough for my whole face which is amazing as it means the product will last ages. It's quite a light formula which I do like in a primer as I don't particularly like ones that are too heavy on my skin. This primer smooths skin texture which makes for a great foundation application so I'm happy all around with this product. Plus it has a pump which I do prefer to squeezing products out of a tube or sticking my fingers into a tub.

False Lash Epic Mascara
Now the thing that always comes to mind for me when it comes to Max Factor is their mascaras. They really are just fabulous, I've tried quite a few and they do leave my lashes looking amazing which is what you want isn't it? This mascara has quite an unusual brush it's sort of oval shaped and it fans out, at the end it has a little spikey ball which is perfect for picking up those pesky inner corner lashes. In December at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show makeup artist Tom Pecheux used over fifty tubes of this stuff to give the models showstopping lashes which goes to show that this stuff is the best.

Colour Elixir Marilyn Monroe Lipstick
Lastly we have a lipstick that everyone is sure to love. Max Factor released the Marilyn Monroe lipstick collection not too long ago. I remember at the time everyone was going mad for them and I can definitely see why. There is four lipsticks in the collection, three are made to suit different skin tones whilst Marilyn Ruby Red is the iconic red. I think this is such a good idea as some people like me may not be the biggest fan of a red lip but with this collection your sure to find a shade that suits you. I love Marilyn Cabernet, this lipstick is for darker tones but I do believe it suits me to a tee. It's a gorgeous deep red shade which would be great during the day blotted down or at night when it's all vibrant. The other shades in this collection are nice too don't get me wrong, I'm definitely going to try to wear them all more during the Spring and Summer months this year. I love the packaging on these lippies too as there just so sleek and look so pretty in my makeup bag. I definitely think Max Factor did a good job on this one.
I'm really impressed with all these products that I've mentioned. In the picture above I created a look using them all and I have to say I think the look came together really well. I'd definitely wear this look either day or night it's beautiful. Whats even better is that these products can be bought in the drugstore and aren't too pricey either which is always good to see. I'd recommend looking on the Boots website cause you can always see what products are on offer at any given time. If Max Factor is on offer I'd definitely recommend picking up the primer and mascara first, you'll always get use out of these two products that's for sure. All the products above retail for under the €20 euro mark which isn't too bad at all.

Are you a Max Factor fan?


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