Friday, January 27, 2017

The Lo Down - Avonmore Protein Milk

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Them bones, them bones need calcium! So on and so forth this is a song that my Nanna sang to me when I was younger to get me to drink milk. She still sings it to my nephew today but she needn't worry he's a big fan of the oul bainne.
This is going to be a little different to my previous posts as it's on my new favourite milk from Avonmore, their yummy Protein Milk. I've started my fitness journey recently which you can see here and I'm always looking for something good and healthy to aid my workout. This stuff is just super it contains 27g of extra protein which is great for the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. It also has whey and casein, 1% fat which equals 5g of fat which is pretty low and calcium and lots of vitamins. So yeah this is pretty good for pre and post workout.
As I'm getting older I'm not one to drink too much milk I'm not going to lie, my little brother Ger really puts me to shame sometimes, he works out twice a day once in the morning out the back and then goes to the gym with my Dad in the evening and pretty much drinks milk all the time. I don't know how he gets the time. When the Avonmore team (thanks you guys!) looked after us with cartons of their Protein Milk in the original and Vanilla flavour I gave Ger a couple to try for himself and he lives for this stuff. He actually was so excited when he seen the Avonmore delivery man at the door.

Here is what my brother Ger thinks of Avonmore Protein Milk....

When you work out twice a day like me it's great to get a product like this that does alot for your body post workout. It's just what I need to refuel I think it's amazing how it contains 27g of protein in 500ml that's amazing. Like my sister my fave flavour by far is vanilla. If your someone who workouts and doesn't like the taste of normal milk I'd certainly give this alternative a try.  I also seen online that you can make mango and vanilla smoothies with this product which I find intriguing so I'm going to give that a go very soon indeed.
The Protein Milk website is a great site to read up more about the product, training tips and ways to get motivated. Plus more amazing recipes which I'm sure everyone will like. My aunty actually made a soda fruit cake a couple of days ago with the Protein Milk. I'm going to be honest I'm not too mas on fruit so I didn't try it but it went down a storm with my family, it's practically all gone already. 
Milk doesn't only have fitness benefits it's also good for your teeth, bones and give you glowing skin. No wonder Cleopatra bathed in it! Lastly I have to say I like how there's some arm candy aka GAA players on the cartons. I've already picked up two cartons for my boyfriend in Vanilla and he likes them alot as he works long hours and it's a good pick me up.

This product is available in 500ml and 1ltr cartons so my brother and I definitely know what we will be popping into the trolley at the shopping this weekend. It's only €1.40 for a 500ml carton so that's amazing compared to over Protein Milks on the market right now.


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