Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Lo Down - Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Hi guys and dolls,

For the next month starting from today I've decided to do a blog post everyday. This will consist of reviews, fitness updates and hauls to name a few. I've decided to call this series the Lo down as my nickname given to me by my seven year old nephew when he was just about two years old was Aunty LoLo which kinda stuck ever since. Just about everyone calls me that now including my boyfriend Daragh who might be doing a post for you guys during this series showcasing his favourite aftershaves. I think it's a good idea when you have a boyfriend like mine that you don't know what to buy for sometimes so maybe that will help you guys out, well I hope it does anyway. So back to the blogpost at hand, my first Lo Down is going to be on the much coveted Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I missed out on this the first time around so when I seen it was being re-released I of course without a shadow of a doubt had to get my hands on it asap. So lets get started if you want to read about my views and opinions on this lovely product keep on reading.
I purchased my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette at the beginning of January off the Debenhams website. I'm always happy with the service from them so when I decide to buy a beauty item and they stock it, it's definitely my go to. The item is usually shipped within a week and it's packaged very well so to be honest you can't really go wrong at all.
I got the palette quite promptly. Debenhams must have a lot of stock as it hasn't sold out yet on the website which is a good sign this time around as when it first launched in 2016 this palette was like gold dust and you couldn't get your hands on it for love nor money. Unless you decided to go down the aul Ebay route but I wasn't to keen in handing out a €100 for a palette I could get for €47 who would like unless your crazy or minted, one or the other.
The Sweet Peach palette this time around was released with a to die for collection. The collection itself contains gorgeous scented (peach of course) lip glosses in a fab range of colours which I can see myself and lots of other people rocking over the Spring and Summer months. It also contains a blush and a highlighting blush palette, these two products already have my name on them that's for sure and I'm definitely going to pick them up when they launch on Debenhams website. From what I've seen online review wise, all the range gets a big thumbs up so I'm happy to part with some of my hard earned money to get them or hopefully possibly a well deserved 27th birthday present "Daragh hint hint are you reading this?"
So the palette itself is in my eyes beautiful and definitely a must have! It has eighteen shades in a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes. They are sooo unbelievably wearable and I've been using them day and night. I've been getting nothing but compliments on my eye looks which of course is always a good thing and puts the confidence at a high. In all my recent Instagram eye looks I have been using this palette so if you want to check them out you can here! My favourite shadows in the palette are  Luscious and Peach Pit as they work so well together to create a gorgeous glam smokey eye. Perfect for day or night! Can I just say this palette smells amazing just like a sweet peach (see what I did there?). I also love the little smiling sweet peach emoji on the packaging. AND we can't not mention the packaging. It keeps in tune with the rest of the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette, it's a gorgeous ombre effect going from light peach to coral.

All in all I genuinely have to give this palette two big thumbs up, for €47 you get an amazing range of shadows so as they say there's something for everyone in this. I know some bloggers weren't impressed in some of the reviews on YouTube but as they say you can't please everyone. I do sincerely think this palette has a good mix of shades that would take you from Spring to Winter. It's just so versatile and pigmented I think it would be a great addition to just about anyones makeup bag. I have to say this is my favourite palette from the Too Faced range followed closely by the Semi Sweet Chocolate bar palette which I'm going to do a post on in the coming week or so. If chocolate browns or nudes are more your thing definitely keep an eye out for that post which will be coming soon.

What do you think of this palette? Would it be your favourite out of the Too Faced eyeshadow range?


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