Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Lo Down - Real Techniques Your Picks

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I'm back with some more makeup brush favourites of mine. Since they launched I've always been a huge supporter of Real Techniques. I actually was lucky enough to meet Sam and Nic in Boots Jervis St about two years ago. They were over launching a new brush and I was just over my breakdown and they were lovely. I had such an amazing time with my Dad, they even made him get into a picture which I posted on my blog you can check it out here. That was definitely a stand out day that year I was happy that my amazing Dad took the time to bring me. I seriously don't know where I'd be without that man, he means alot to me.

So back to the review I'm going to be talking about the Real Techniques Your Picks Berlin set. I bought this a while ago on I have to take a minute to say how great this site is. You can opt to get the product sent to your house or your local store so things are made pretty handy for you. Plus you can collect your Boots points which I love saving up as I always treat myself to something nice. I have to say I absolutely love the brush handles on these brushes in particular out of all the brushes in my collection. They are just so fun, the handle artwork was chosen by Real Techniques followers which is such a good idea and of course they chose well as these look amazing. The artwork was inspired by Berlin, I personally love how the bottom of the handle is purple my all time favourite colour. So yeah these are a winner with me!
So what is in this set you may ask? Well first off is there much talked about buffing brush which I love for applying my foundation as it's quick and easy. This is definitely my favourite brush in this set. The second brush is their stippling brush another good one for applying the oul foundation, not going to lie I haven't used this that much. I can vouch for it being great for applying foundation though. The only two eye makeup brushes you'd ever need, the deluxe crease brush and base eyeshadow brush are also included which I love to use when I'm applying my eyeshadow. The deluxe crease brush can be used with concealer or eyeshadow so it's multi purpose. One of the stand out brushes in this set for me is the contour brush, it works really well with bronzer aswellas highlighter. I've seen some bloggers use this brush to apply powder aswell so I'm definitely going to give that a go soon.
All these brushes wash really well, I either use baby shampoo or my blank canvas solid shampoo. The only downside to this set is that it doesn't come with a holder but I have one from another Real Techniques set so it doesn't bother me too much.

At the moment these brushes are on special offer on and instore. Instead of paying €33.99 you get a third off and their €22.66 which I think is such amazing value for such a great set like this one. There's pretty much every brush you could need bar a powder and blush brush. I'm already really looking forward to trying the new Multi Tech collection. The eyeshadow set in this range looks amazing and comes with a pretty good looking holder aswell. Once their launched over here I'm definitely going to pick them up that's for sure.

What's your favourite Real Techniques brush?


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