Friday, January 20, 2017

The Lo Down - Clarins Sweet Kisses Kit

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I hope you're enjoying the series so far yesterdays post was by far the hardest post I dare I say I've written. The feedback so far has been phenomenal and if I even help one of you guys or gals I know it's a job well done. Today's post is a little easier and it's another beauty review which I love doing. I'm forever buying makeup so when I find products that I really like I love sharing them with you guys.
When I seen this set on CH Tralee's website I out it straight in my basket. I'm a big fan of Clarins and have been lucky enough to try alot of their products and I must say there's alot of good ones indeed.
I actually discovered these when my two favourite YouTuber sisters Melanie Murphy and Jessica Brennan if you haven't already checked out these girls YouTube videos I'd highly recommend as they are amazing and their content is just great. I always sit down with a nice cup of tea when I see their videos coming up in my subscriptions. I was lucky enough to meet Melanie a couple of years ago at a Cloud 10 Beauty event in town and she is such a lovely, nice friendly girl. It's great to see Irish YouTubers in the spotlight and I can see great things in the future for both of these girls.  Well back to the product both these girls mentioned the Clarins Lip Oils a while ago and when they say somethings good I listen so of course I couldn't wait to get my hands on one so to get three in a Christmas set is a bonus. There is only three shades available so to get them all was pretty good.
After the Winter what am I saying it's still practically Winter in Ireland. That blanket in Penneys was the best investment purchase I made. Back to the review in the cold months in Ireland my lips can go sooo sore it's unreal and I'm always looking for a nice lip product that does exactly what it says on the tin and Clarins lip oils do just that. They are so nourishing and moisturising on the lips and don't leave them to sticky. I put some on in the morning and when I'm going to bed. It says that you can use this over lipstick but I haven't put that to the test just about yet.
At €39 this set is great value as one lip oil costs €21. The set consists of  Honey, Raspberry and Cherry. The latter two give a slight hint of colour to the lips. As well being moisturising, these lip oils are handbag friendly and come with a pretty makeup bag in the kit. Perfect for inside my makeup bag!
As I said earlier I've tried alot of Clarins products in the past, I can't fault them and I enjoy using them. I'm in love with their blushes especially there pretty pink shades that give a dash of colour to the cheeks. I definitely want to give their tanning products a go next for a nice glow to take me out of the cold weather.

Have you tried the Clarins Lip oils? What's your favourite product of theres?


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