Tuesday, September 11, 2012

VOYA Organic Voyager Travel Set

I wish I knew about this gorgeous set when I was doing my Summer Must Haves/Essentials post on travel kits as I absolutely adore it. VOYA is a Irish brand which started life as a successful family run seaweed bath  business in Sligo and from there it's grown and grown. I love finding Irish brands as I haven't come across to many and it's nice to discover  them. This Travel set contains four mini products from their range, a shampoo, condtioner, body wash and body lotion. They are all perfect sizes for travelling and come in a this gorgeous wash bag which is made from 100% organic cotton. I love this bag as it can be used again to hold makeup products as it's a nice size.

The sizes of the products are by no means small like some travel minis can be, they are all quite generous 75ml tubes. This also means if you haven't tried the brand before you'll get a really good idea of what they have to offer. I couldn't pick my favourite product from this set as I love them all. I was expecting the shampoo and conditioner to dry my hair out but I can swallow my words as neither did. My hair was left lovely and soft, with the little bit of added body which my hair is lacking at the moment. I love the Softly Does It body moisturiser, it's quite rich a little bit goes a awfully long way. I'll  probably get a lot of use out of this one tube, the Squeaky Clean Body Wash has the exact same lovely fresh scent as the moisturiser. When you think seaweed, you automatically presume the scent won't be the best but I truly love it. All the products contain essential oils so this is probably wear the nice scent come from too. This set is expensive at €40, but it's well worth every penny in my opinion. I really like the idea that you can get a feel for the brand without spending mega bucks on products. This will also make a lovely gift for friend or even as a sneaky gift to yourself. I've only seen this brand in one store in Dublin, House of Fraser but I seen on their website that it's also available in Avoca. I'm looking forward to trying more products from this gorgeous brand, I already have my eye on the skincare.

Have you heard of VOYA? What do you think of this travel set?



  1. This travel set looks great, really love Voya!

    1. I haven't tried there products before so this was definitely a good way to start off. I love the body moisturiser, it feels light but it's very effective xx

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it?? I love how all the products are minis so it's great for travelling while also getting a good feel for the brand xx

  3. Never heard of VOYA, but sounds like a great travel set!



    1. It's so nice especially even for people who haven't necessarily tried something from the brand before xx


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