Friday, September 7, 2012

My Fair City

This post is a bit delayed, it was meant to go up on Wednesday. My internet access is acting up for some reason and I have no clue as to why it's so annoying. Everytime I went to put up a post in the last few days, I just couldn't get online so I hope that's finally sorted now for good. We've been blessed with gorgeous weather over the past week or so in Dublin, clearly we couldn't let it go to waste could we? Paddy and I met in town and decided to have a wander around Stephen's Green which is one of my favourite parks, it's beautiful. The last Luas station is right outside which is so handy, it means I don't have a long trek when I get off the tram. I was super happy this week because I got on brilliant at my Slimming World meeting. I'm not going to mention how I did but  you'll be able to read about it next week in my update post. Let's just say I can't believe how well I've done in a space of under five months, it hasn't properly registered yet. We enjoyed are time in town, taking in the nice weather and strolling around the park, before we went to Hodges & Figgis. This is by far my favourite bookshop. The staff are so friendly and if there's any book you want they can order it for you which is great. I don't think many shops have this service and if they do you have to pay prior to ordering which can be a pain. I ended up picking up two books, while Paddy bought me one also. I sure have lots of books to read now, which I can't complain about as there's nothing I like to do more. When I got home, I had a few packages waiting for me, I made some online orders over the weekend which arrived in no time. I'm going to a post featuring everything I bought, I did pick up some bits from ASOS but I ended sending alot of stuff back cause they were too big. I kept my new denim skirt though which I'm rocking in the pictures below, it was on sale and I love it. It fits perfectly and I was finding it really hard to find a plain old nice one in stores here. Something I wasn't expecting in the post were these iHOME studio headphones, there beast. I won these as a part of a Meteor Goodie bag promotion and I forgot all about them. The amount of phone credit I topped up by in the space of two months determined what prizes I could choose from. There was nothing that tickled my fancy so I settled on these. I don't know if I'll use them as I'll probably look like a goof walking around in these so I may give them to my brother. He's starting college next week and I'm sure he'd love these for the bus. I was so jealous of him today, I got wristbands to see Two Door Cinema Club in HMV and unfortunately it clashed with work so I ended up giving them to him. He said the acoustic set was brill and there was such a good atmosphere. When they finished they met the fans and signed CDS, Ger got mine signed which I couldn't be happier about. I haven't listened to their new stuff yet but I'm expecting good things as I loved their first album.

How have you been enjoying the lovely weather?



  1. so lovely to where you live. i am so proud of you for doing really well on your lifestyle change! thats amazing! just continue on the path you are on and you will continue to do great! love you, sweetie!

    1. Thanks so much Chie, I couldn't be happier right now with the way things are going. Glad you liked the post xx

  2. I want to come invite you and work on my irish accent :) Looks amazing! I am an avid reader and love the books you chose ^.^

    1. Same I read so much!! Yeah it's such a lovely city I'm lucky to live here xx


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