Saturday, November 26, 2011

Upcoming Book Release - Lindsey Kelk's "I Heart Vegas"

I'm such a big fan of Lindsey Kelk's book especially the I Heart series. I Heart New york was a free gift with Glamour magazine at the start of the year. I finished this book in a matter of days and loved it, I couldn't put it down. After purchasing I Heart Paris and Los Angeles, I couldn't wait for the next book to be released. If your a fan of romantic novels you'll definitely fall in love with this series. There is a Angela's Guide to each city at the end of the books showing you places to visit, which I think adds something special. I'm hoping to go to Paris next year so I'll definitely hit some of the spots that are mentioned in the guide. The fourth book in the series, I Heart Vegas is being released on Thurday 8th December just in time for Christmas.

After losing her job in New York, Angela Clark finds herself on a girls' weekend with her best friend Jenny in Sin City. Could it mean trouble? You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

 I'm really looking forward to seeing what adventures they get up to in Vegas. I'm sure this will be another book that I won't be able to put down.

What's your favourite book from the I Heart series??



  1. ahh you have seriously made my day, i was only saying the other day how i was desperate for her to release a new story xx

  2. Love these books so much! Can't wait to read it :D xo


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