Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Reads For Winter

I got my hands on these two book recently. Being a bit of a closet book worm I get so excited when I see a new release from favourite authors of mine. So when I seen these two books on the shelf in my local book stores it was no different.

The Time of my Life by Cecelia Ahern
This is Cecelia Ahern's nineth novel so far. It's almost strange to think that P.S I love you, her first book was published seven years ago in 2004. I've been reading her books ever since and some I've like more than others. My favourite book so far of hers is The Book Of Tomorrow. There was so many twists and turns in that book I was clued to it for days. By the look of the cover, The Time of my Life looks very enchanting. You know what everyone says though you can never judge a book by its cover.

The Best of Me By Nicholas Sparks
I love Nicholas Sparks. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite out of his books as I adore pretty much all of them. I find all his books to be so touching and I actually start feeling for the character so much. The Best Of Me is Nicholas Sparks's seventeenth book to date. One of the reasons why I love his books is because there so easy to read. I get through them so fast, I get disappointed that I have to wait so long for the next to be released. This book is sure to be another great love story from this amazing author.

I can't wait to get my nose stuck into these two books. I'm sure there going to be great Winter reads.


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