Thursday, November 10, 2011

OPI Muppettes Nail Polishes

I was so excited back in the Summer when I heard this collection was being released. I love the Muppets and most of my childhood was spent watching the show. I can't remember how many times my sister and I watched The Muppets Christmas Carol/ Muppets Treasure Island. I think at one point we knew all the words.  When this collection was released not too long ago I couldn't wait to have a mooch. As always I purchased the mini polishes from the collection. I hardly ever finish the large bottles so I prefer to buy the smaller bottles.

OPI Mupettes set contains four gorgeous polishes from the collection.

Wocka Wocka
A gorgeous shimmery red shade. I used two coats to get this effect. I tend to stay away from red nail polishes but I do like this one alot.

Excuse Moi 
I haven't tried Rainbow Connection yet, I presume Excuse Moi is the same polish except it's pink with multi coloured glitter. I actually like wearing this on it's own more than wearing it over another polish. I also found this really easy to remove compared to some glitter polishes.

Designer.... de Better
One of my favourite nail polishes in the collection. I can see myself wearing this neutral shade alot this winter. It's a taupe shade with red flecks. I used two coats to get the above result.

Warm & Fozzie
Another favourite from this collection, I've been using Warm & Fozzie the most. It's like nothing I have in my collection. A bronze shade with bits of gold, green and copper shimmer. I adore it.

What do you think of The Muppets collection??



  1. I will have to get this collection I love all the colours thanks for showing us x

  2. I really like this collection. I caved and bought rainbow connection to tho, the glitter is a lot bigger in that and it's very similar to Deborah lippmans happy birthday. I love it so far! X

  3. Wocka Wocka is the best name for a polish ever! X

  4. This has been one of my favorite collections to date!

    Jayme @ HLNC


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