Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship with Eyelash Curlers

There's a  reason why I haven't use eyelasher curlers in forever. I've used lots of different brands that bloggers have called amazing, plain and simple they weren't for me at all. I have pretty long lashes so I can get away with not using curlers. Moving on to the reason why I find I can't use them, my outer lashes are so long that they get caught in the curler. I can tell you that this is not a nice feeling at all. After this of course, I abandoned all eyelash curlers from my every day makeup bag to save my lashes from unecessary pain. That is until I purchased Urban Decay The Revolution.

The Revolution Eye Lash Curler is like nothing out there at the moment. It's cageless so I don't get the unwanted tug and pull I get with normal curlers. I remember the first time seeing it instore and thinking to myself how crazy it looked as it's not your run of the mill curler.

 I think the look of The Revolution will put a lot of people off but I hope that's not the case. My boyfriend's reaction to eyelash curlers has to be the funniest.. " Why would you put one of those things near your eye?" with a look of complete fear. He also said they're like something out of Saw, which I must admit is a bit over the top!!

 Back to the curler itself, I love how The Revolution reaches even my small lashes and gives me such a perfect curl. I know some people found this curler hard to use at first as it's cageless. I didn't have problems at all, maybe because I curl my lashes in sections when I'm using this. This has to be the best eyelash curler I've used ever! I highly recommend this to anyone who has the same problem I do with regular eyelash curlers.

Urban Decay The Revolution costs around €20 and is available at Urban Decay counters. I think it's worth the price for such a good everyday tool and you get five refill pads so it will be a while before you need to buy a replacement!

Have you tried The Revolution?



  1. It looks scary so I stayed away from this lol!

  2. it looks like an instrument of torture! but i must i am intregued as i do find curlers hard work!


  3. It looks scary but I have this curler and love it! Xoxo


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