Monday, July 22, 2013

Urban Decay Ammo Palette

When people think of Urban Decay, their much talked about Naked Palettes come to mind, I know that's what pops into my head. I do think we (myself included) tend to forget that the brand have so many more palettes on offer. One that is definitely a winner for me is Urban Decay's Ammo Palette* which was relaunched a few months ago in all new packaging and reformulated shadows. They also made room for a mini eyeshadow brush and a travel size Eyeshadow Primer Potion is included in the mix too. I remember having the original palette back when I was 16, I bought it as a treat after I got my first ever job in Penneys (Primark). It was way before I started blogging and I can remember it being my prized makeup possession. I wasn't as good at applying makeup back then as I am now so let's just say I probably came out with some questionable looks using this palette. I for one love the new packaging, first off it has a big purple design on it and we all know that's my favourite colour. Secondly the old velvet style packaging used to get dirty so quickly with makeup fingerprints while the new one would be easily wiped clean.
I love this palette, it would be ideal for travelling as it contains a fair share of neutrals and fun vibrant shades. It's a bit smaller than my hand, so it would fit into a makeup bag easily which is always a plus. Of course like with all Urban Decay palettes there are a few cross over shades, but I do think this would be the perfect addition to anyones makeup collection, as there is a good selection of shades in it. I can see myself using every shade in this palette, at first I thought I'd steer clear of 'Shattered', however after using this palette for  a while this shade is great along the lower lashline for a pretty Summer look. I'm glad that 'Sin' is included in this palette too, I use this shade in so many ways as all over lid colour, on my brow bone and in the inner corner. It's just one of those versatile shades that you're always going to use. All the shadows in this palette are extremely pigmented as you can see from the swatches below. The only one I had some trouble with was 'Polyester Bride', that took some work as it is kind of on the gritty side. My favourite combination at the moment is 'Chopper' all over the lid with 'Last Call' blended into the crease. It's such an easy simple eye look for everyday I love it! One thing to bare in mind is that all these shadows are shimmery and contain glitter so if you don't like either this may not be for you. It doesn't really bother me as I actually always do my eye makeup before applying my foundation, so I can always just wipe it away.
I don't think you can go wrong with this palette, there's shadows for different occasions throughout the Summer, e.g Holidays, Festivals, etc. aswell as neutral shadows that would be perfect for everyday. All these shadows are available to buy individually but it works out way better value to go for the palette as the price for this comes in at €29 (€5 less than two single eyeshadows). I personally find it takes me for ages to finish one single eyeshadow so the Ammo Palette is perfect for me.

What's your favourite Urban Decay palette? Is the Ammo Palette up your street?



  1. I totally agree! I have the Naked palette and haven't even given any of the others the time of day which is ridiculous as the Naked palette is so good and I expect that the others probably are too. I might buy this one as it is lovely! As usual, a really well written, honest post. Thanks Laura!
    Alice :)

  2. Wow, this palette is gorgeous. I have a few other palettes and have to admit they are hardly used in comparison to my Naked one which is a shame as I have the anniversary mirror box one and the packaging of that is gorgeous. Must say though that this has some useable colours in which I think I'd use quite a lot :)


  3. I adore my Naked Pallets (is it terrible I have all 3?). I love some of colours in this though, Last Call looks grgeous but I'm just afradi to branch outside of trusty neutrals just yet xx

  4. It looks like a really nice palette, all of the colours are wearable. Not a bad price either for a UD palette.

  5. I love the blue in this palette. Urban Decay make some really good palettes. I've also nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award

    Hannah x


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