Sunday, July 14, 2013

Justin Timberlake at Phoenix Park!

On Wednesday evening I headed along to see Justin Timberlake with my two buddies Sinead & Nabilah. We bought the tickets a couple of months back so I was really excited when the day finally came around. We were a tad bit late when we arrived as the walk to the concert area takes quite a while, I think the two girls will agree with me on that one. The Coronas had already taken to the stage when we finally got there. They aren't a band I'd be the biggest fan of but I did enjoy their set  I must say. They played all their well known hits which definitely got the crowd going. We missed X Factor Winner James Arthur's set completely, I do have a sneaking suspicion he may not played at all though. For a last minute stand in support act for the absent Jessie J, The Coronas did such a good job. Don't get me started on Jessie J cancelling, it was ridiculous seeing as she took to the stage two days later. Bad form considering it's the second concert she's failed to perform at over here! Enough talk of that though!
The man himself, Justin Timberlake AKA The Trousersnake took to the stage at 9.15pm. I've already seen him play here back in 2007 with my Sister Lisa at the RDS which was amazing. However this show was definitely hit the ball out of the park!  I was worried that the show would be made up of songs that are completely unknown to me from his new album but he played all his oldies e.g My Love, Senorita, Cry Me a River etc. He did play Mirrors which is the only song I know from the new album and my probably by the look of things be my favourite. I wasn't too gone on Suit & Tie but the latter made up for it! We definitely got our dance on throughout the the concert by the time it was over we were totally danced out. Of course the three of us got a bit snap happy, we must of taken a hundred pictures each. He closed the show with SexyBack which was a great choice for the final song of the night, it was the one everyone was waiting for.
I know the tickets for Justin Timberlake were pretty pricey (€85) but he certainly didn't disappoint! I'd definitely go and see him again if he played here. I don't know if I'd go to a concert in the Phoenix Park again as the walk to the actual concert area was atrocious, so long. Don't hold me to that though as if a act I really love is playing there next year I may make a return!

The weather was so nice on the day and it's been really nice since. I'm hoping to get a bit of a tan next week considering I'm not in work full days next week. I'm hoping to go along to Electric Picnic at the end of Summer. My little brother already has his ticket and I'm not going lie I'm uber jealous! I want to see Arctic Monkeys, I'm a huge fan of theres and of course I love Alex Turner. 

Are you going to any Summer gigs this year?? Do you find them a bit pricey?



  1. I do find them pricey because I live so far away from most of them, so by the time I get tickets, bus/train, B&B, and bus/train home, it's running into a couple of hundred quid and there are very few people I want to see that badly! You look like you had a great time x

  2. I get what you mean about the long walk, its a little much. but... JT probably worth it. x

  3. Was a sensational concert. Unreal weather and he is class. Legend


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