Monday, January 21, 2013

Where's the Snow?

As you can tell from the title of this blog we didn't get any snow in Dublin. Saying that there is quite a bit of snow up the mountains but I don't live anywhere near them so I'm just going to say we got none. I've seen so many posts talking about snow that I really wish we got some here. We did get the odd shower of sleet but that's it really. I'm not going lie I was pretty disappointed as I would much prefer snow to the rain any day. It's been ridiculously cold here at the moment so I've been wrapping up warm. I don't usually do outfits of the day but as I said in my "Mega Switch Up" post I'm going to try and do more throughout 2013 as I'm sure they're fun to do. This time last year I wouldn't of had the level of confidence that I do now to do these sort of posts. I'm feeling like I've struck another goal off my list or something so in a way I'm really happy. I really enjoyed putting this post together aswell so I hope you do too.

Jumper - Heatons
Denim Shorts - Penneys (Primark)
Tights - M&S
Boots - Korkys
Bag - Warehouse
Watch - Michael Kors Rose Gold

I was going to watch the football match in town today with my boyfriend Paddy. I put this outfit together as I wanted something that appeared dressy but still really warm and snug for the weather we're currently having. I love my red and black heart wool jumper, I've been wearing this to death as of late. I got it towards the end of last year and it was a bargain. Come to think of it I wish I got it in the other colour now too. The denim shorts were a bit of steal aswell, they are from Penneys (Primark) and they were €11. I'm not really a shorts wearing person but I actually really like these alot. I'm not going to lie to you guys I got the size to big which I'm notorious for doing. Who cares though, I can always wear a belt with them. Makeup wise, I've kept things simple with a bit of s smokey eye. I'm using Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow* as a base which I'm currently testing out. I like it alot but the shade isn't the perfect match for me, it's that little bit too dark. I used a light dusting of Rimmel's Stay Matte all over my face with a sweep of Smashbox's Pose Blush. The latter is my go to blush as it just gives a nice flush of colour to the cheeks. Nothing to major as I wanted to keep this look simple. As my Mom would say I'm going to watch a football game not to a fashion show. On the eyes I used the lid and the crease shadows from Wet n Wild's Comfort Zone palette. This palette is almost impossible to get on this side of the pond, I'm lucky that Chie sent it to me for my birthday last year. If you can get your hands on it I'd definitely recommend it. The shades are highly pigments and it doesn't cost a fortune either which is a plus. I lined my eyes using Clarins Kohl Eye Pencil in Extreme Black* with a coat of the Korres Black Volcanic Minerals Mascara*. Lastly I applied some of Lush's The Kiss lip balm* to my lips. This is one of their new products for Valentines Day so expect a post on that one very soon.
I constantly carry around a book with me and I wonder why my bags so heavy all the time. Sometimes I get bored half way through football matches if the players turn off or there's no goals. If this happens I usually just whip my book out of my bag. Paddy finds it hilarious as I'm pretty much the only person in a crowded pub reading. Typing this now I guess it would look pretty bizarre. The book I'm currently reading is Lauren Conrad's Starstruck. Alot of you may remember her from The Hills and she was definitely my favourite. Thank god I don't have Channel 5 as I know I certainly wouldn't be watching Speidi on it. I've read all Lauren Conrad's other books and I have to say I'm a big fan of hers. I know truth be told she may have help writing them like alot of celebs tend to do but it seriously doesn't bother me at all. I'm not too far into the book but I'm really liking it. When I bought this in Easons I also bought her Beauty book which is brilliant I'd highly recommend it. It's one of those books that's great to flick through for tips and tricks on applying different products. I have her style book already and this is certainly a great companion for it. I think they'd both make amazing coffee table books or look really nice on your book shelves.

Would you like to see more of these fashion style posts in the future?



  1. You are so lucky to not have snow! We've had quite a bit where I am, and its safe to say I wont be wishing for snow next year xD! x

    1. I heard its been pretty horrible weather at the moment in the UK. We haven't been affected at all in Dublin. I wish it did snow though but I guess the fun of it would cool off after a while xxx

  2. Love that jumper! We love seeing outift posts!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Thanks girls:) I'm glad you like the post:) I love the jumper I wear it alot seeing as it has been so cold in Ireland. xxx

  3. Hi! Lovely blog and great look! I would like to invite you to know my blog, do you like? ;)

  4. I love your hair! I cannot believe you didn't get any snow!
    I did a snowy ootd if you want to check it out?

    1. Thanks Hollie. I'm trying to lay off the straighteners and leave it curly for a while. I know I can't believe we didn't either, I really wish we had xx

  5. Haha, I'm watching CBB and seeing Speidi made me download and watch the first season of The Hills again haha. SO weird seeing how much Heidi's changed, it's a shame!


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