Sunday, November 25, 2012

New & Old Fragrance Favourites

I haven't done a fragrance post in a while, my last one was way back when I started blogging. This is by no means a Winter fragrance post, there just scents I've been using alot lately. I'd happily use these all year round to be honest. If I had a fragrances for different seasons I would probably never finish them and have them for years (doubtful that any product shelf life would be that long). If I like a scent I'll just use it regardless of what season we are in. Let's be honest fragrances are expensive, who seriously has the money to fork out on loads. With that out of the way here are the fragrances I've been loving lately.

My most reached for fragrance out of the bunch is Burberry Body. My Mom got this for me last Christmas and it came in a set with a body milk of the same scent. This smells absolutely amazing as it's a Eau de Parfum I find this sticks around for ages on the skin even more if you use it with the body milk. I didn't particularly like the other Burberry scents but this is something different entirely. The fruity scent is really nice, even for everyday The packaging is also something that separates it from the other Burberry perfumes as it's very luxurious indeed, shaped like a crystal what girl wouldn't love this in there collection. I have the 90ml bottle so it's kinda unrealistic for me to bring this out in my bag on a daily basis, it would completely weigh me down. I'd also get funny looks if I pulled a crystal out of my bag, if I want to use this fragrance all day I decant some into my trusty Travalo. I'd definitely recommend getting one of these if you have perfumes that come in humongous bottles. I don't think there too pricey either, my Mom got this for me but I think it's in and around the €7 mark.

A recent release that has made it into my fragrance favourites is Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto*. I'm in love with the Elle Summer edition so I couldn't wait to try this out. Straight off the bat this is a very different scent to the latter, it's alot more sophisicated. I wasn't a hundred percent keen on it at first but it's certainly grown on me. The notes that really stand out for me are blackcurrant and vanilla, I like anything that smells like the latter so I suppose it was a given I'd like this. Again being a Eau de Parfum this is another fragrance that lasts on the skin ages, it settles to a really nice light scent. My Nanna commented on this scent when I was wearing it and she hardly ever does that so I guess it's a winner. Another thing I adore about this perfume is the packaging, it's beautiful. My favourite colour is purple so I love how there's a transparent violet band that goes around the bottle. I'm like a magpie when it comes to pretty perfume bottles so this is right down my street. Manifesto was released recently during the last month or thereabouts so it's the perfect scent for Autumn/Winter. I can see myself wearing it much more than that too as I don't own any other scents like this in my collection at present.

The next fragrance has been a favourite of mine for a while now and that's Vera Wang Lovestruck. I fell in love with the scent that minute I smelt it in store for the first time and so did my Mom,she bought it too! If you like Vera Wang Princess I'd recommend trying this, it's definitely a more grown up scent. I love Gossip Girl, who doesn't and Leighton Meester looks stunning in the campaign for this fragrance. Unfortunately I'm nearly finished my bottle so I may have to take some of my Mom's one or maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list.

Again I see a trend going on with the pretty bottles, my last perfume has a plain bottle but it's what the brand is know best for. It's my Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne which is still relatively new to my fragrance collection seeing as I only got it in September. My Mom gave me this as a gift for doing so well with Slimming World so it means alot that she got this for me. Before I start describing scents I'm just going to make this one simple, this fragrance smells like bitter pears and I love it! As I said this fragrance looks really different next to all my other pretty perfume bottles but this definitely feels that little more luxurious. I'm a big fan of Jo Malone and this is my second fragrance, my first being Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne which is another favourite but I couldn't find it when I was taking photos for this post (typical!). I can't wait to add some more scents of theirs to my collection, any suggestions? I wanted to pick up their Christmas Cracker that comes out around this time of year but sadly Brown Thomas was all sold out already. This happened to me last year too, maybe I'm just unlucky who knows. Back to the fragrance, I'd happily wear English Pear & Freesia everyday but considering it's that little bit more expensive I try to use this only for special occasions.

What's your favourite fragrance? Do you change it depending on the season?



  1. I love Armani Code and Idole d'Armani. They are stunning! I really want to try that Burberry perfume sounds really good! xxx

    1. Ooh I haven't tried any Armani perfumes yet, I'll have to give them a smell the next time I'm in Boots. Oh you should definitely try it, I love it! xx

  2. I actually avoid Burberry perfume like the plague because I thought they were all the same but I will definitely have a sniff of this one! My favourite at the minute is Lancome La Vie Est Belle, it's gorgeous. I use Roberto Cavalli Serpentine for every day and I'm loving Lidl's Suddenly one! I adore perfume, I don't change depending on the season but I do change depending on the daily mood :)

  3. I really want to try the love struck fragrance!


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