Sunday, November 18, 2012

Harvey Nichols Dublin Look Good Feel Better Event & What I Got Up to for the Weekend!

After a long day in work on Thursday I headed over to Harvey Nichols to support a good cause. Look Good Feel Better is a cancer support program that helps women going through treatment for cancer by holding skincare and makeup work shops which results in improving confidence and well being. Knowing people myself who have battled hard through this illness I really wanted to give them my support. All proceeds on the night went to the charity which is amazing and I'm sure it will help alot. After purchasing my ticket, I was given this gorgeous goodie bag which contained some lovely little samples. I'm a big fan of Burt's Bees so I was glad to see their lip balm in there too. I had a brief look around the event before I was ushered out by my brother. Of course beauty products aren't his thing so I'm surprised he lasted so long. From what I seen it looked like such an amazing event and all for a truly great cause. To have so many like minded people in the shop at the same time was pretty cool as we all would have one thing in common are love for beauty products. Before I left I bumped into the lovely Sue and Karen so it was nice to have a little chat with them both even though it was for but a minute. My brother was standing outside in the cold waiting for me at this stage so the least I could do was treat him to a Starbuck for all his patience.

After our quick stop off for refreshments, Ger got a signature hot chocolate & a cookie, I had my favourite raspberry and blackcurrant frappucino we headed into the main shopping centre. The annual Shop & Rock event was on which combines instore discounts and live music. The shopping centre itself was jammers so it made for a really good atmosphere, I could see people really getting in the Christmas mood already. My brother and I did a lot of window shopping, I don't get paid for another two weeks which means I'm unbelievably broke at this moment in time. I love to browse through shops though as you get really good ideas for Christmas gifts, hopefully I remember them all by the time I get paid at the end of the month. I did make three purchase though, firstly I bought a Clarins Gift set that I had my eye on for a while after seeing it over on Viva Adonis. This was surprisingly good value at €22 it's usually €26 but I got 15% off because of the Shop & Rock event. Clarins is one of my favourite brands, I've tried alot of their makeup and loved it so I can't wait to give these products a whirl. In Cath Kidston I picked up two items from their stationery range so nothing too exciting. I fell in love with their Christmas cards, they are just the cutest.

This weekend has been pretty busy for me too. I went to IKEA for the first time on Friday, I loved the place. I'm glad I didn't get paid yet as I probably would of bought more. My Aunty and Mom got me some lovely makeup storage as early Christmas gifts, I'll definitely be putting up a post soon to show you guys. I did end up buying a set of IKEA candles and boy they smell amazing. I haven't tried their candles before so I don't know if they burn well or not, hopefully they do as I really like them. I didn't do too much yesterday, I watched the football in town and YES I do watch it alot. Today I went a massive walk up the Dublin Mountains with my Dad, it was seriously such a trek but you feel brilliant afterwards. The view of the city from the top is amazing, I've done the walk so many times but I still stop and look for ages. I'm going to try to do the same walk more often as it's a pity to have something like that on your doorstep and not take advantage of it. I'm glad we went on the walk early on this morning as it's like monsoon weather out now. Oh how I wish we had a bit of sun now and again.

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Anything exciting?



  1. godsake! this looks AMAZING!
    i cannot wait to go to a blogging event!!

    1. It was for such an amazing cause so I'm glad I was able to go. I can't wait to try the products I bought from Clarins, their gift sets are gorgeous this year xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kelly Ann, glad you like it xx

  3. Great post on these products! Cant wait to try them!!

    Just followed you:)

    The Misty Mom

    1. Thanks Sharina! I'm going to be putting up some reviews when I try them all xx

  4. Hey Laura I really wanted to go to that event, I have no time anymore :( delighted ya got that set it's such good value, I'm obsessed with the primer xx

    1. I'm the same super busy with work and college!:( Can't wait to get some time of over Christmas! I haven't tried the primer yet, I'm trying to finish up my Too Faced one but I'm expecting really good things xx


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