Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Cutest Makeup Bag I've Ever Seen!!

Recently I went to Wilde & Green to pick up some products from Liz Earle. It's the only store in Dublin that seems to sell their range so the minute I run out I always go there.

As I made my way to the till with my purchases, I seen this adorable makeup bag.

The bag is from the UK based designer Kate Garey. It's like no other makeup bag I've seen before so I immediately fell in love with. Though being pricey at €16.95, my love of the design sold it to me.

 Size wise it's fairly big and I'll be able to fit alot of products into it. I'll probably end up storing my Liz Earle products into it. As you can see above everything fits perfectly. I really like how my daily skincare is now all in the one place so it will be much easier to find everything in the morning.

Is this makeup bag your cup of tea??



  1. This is just too cute! Reminds me of some of the things you see in Paperchase, haven't heard of this designer before, will definitely be checking her website out :) xx

  2. That's the most adorable makeup bag ever! Hot-footing it to Wilde & Green tomorrow to check them out :)

  3. This is so cute, i often see Kate Garey stuff crop up in magazines - there are some lovely things on her site! x

  4. Ohmygosh this is the cutest thing- want to cuddle it! I would definitely fill it with Liz Earle then cuddle up with it in bed haha! xx

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  5. Aww this is so adorable, I love it :)

    Xo Christine♥

  6. Love the make-up bag. Will have to check the designer out x x


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