Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Roger & Gallet Precious Nourishing Body Balms

A brand that I’ve been in love with lately is Roger & Gallet. It feels luxurious but the prices are reasonable. My favourite scent has always been Fleur d’Osmanthus but recently I’ve also become fond of Fleur de Figuier.
In January they launched their latest product, Precious Revilitalising Body Balms. They come in three gorgeous scents and they do exactly what they say on the tin (excuse the pun). The balm itself is a nice thick lotion which leaves a gorgeous long lasting scent on the skin. There’s three scent options to choose from Fleur d’Osmanthus Precious Revitalising Balm, Fleur de Figuier Replenishing Balm and Rose Restoring Balm. My two favourites are Fleur de Figuier and Fleur d’Osmanthus as I’m not a big fan of the rose scent to be honest.

At €23 I don’t think this product is too pricey to be honest as I think you’d get a lot of use out of it.


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