Saturday, June 7, 2014

Our Fabulous Day Out in Powerscourt!

I love Summertime in Ireland but one thing you can't rely on too much is the weather. I heard predictions of horrible rainy weather but that wasn't a problem today as it turned out to be a scorcher out. Seeing as it was so nice out, Paddy and I decided to take a bit of an adventure and headed to Powerscourt. We both hadn't been in years so we couldn't wait to go. Considering neither of us drive yet the best way for us to get to Powerscourt was on one the City Sight Seeing buses. If your ever in Dublin you won't miss them as they are bright red in colour and there pretty easy to spot from a mile away. The route to Powerscourt was great as it took you through Dublin and showed you different landmarks, even though Paddy and I are born and bred in Dublin we still find things like this really interesting as you can miss out on small little things like this when you live in a city all the time. The journey to Powerscourt took roughly 30/40mins which for me personally is time well spent as the views once you get there are breathtaking! On the driveway up to Powerscourt, we passed the Powerscourt Hotel Resort which is the most beautiful hotel I've ever seen! I'd love to stay there sometime but I'm guessing it would cost an arm and a leg.
Our tour guide was such a lovely lady and super friendly, we arrived in Powerscourt at 3.30pm and she let us wander around for two hours taking in all the sights. I put all my favourite pictures from the day up above as you can see we definitely had a beautiful day for it! My highlight from Powerscourt has to be hands down, the Japanese Gardens which you can see a bit of in the top picture! It was so nice and peaceful, I could of sat and sunbathed there forever! I also got to pull out my sunnies for the first that Paddy bought me, there pink and yellow what's not to love! There was actually a wedding taking place while we were there so there was alot of well dressed people walking around the gardens and lovely classical music playing. By far the weirdest thing I seen was the pet cemetery, soo creepy I couldn't deal!! It's hard to believe that Powerscourt used to be somebodies house and gardens, unreal if you ask me! I thoroughly love the place and I'll be heading back soon to check out the waterfall, apparently it's seperate to the bus tour so another day out to Powerscourt is certainly on the cards. If your looking for a place to go on a day out to if you ever visit Dublin, I'd definitely recommend hopping on one of the City Sight Seeing buses, Paddy and I are already looking into our next trip!

Did you get up to anything nice over the weekend so far??



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