Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Flora Women's Mini Marathon 2014

Yesterday I took part in my 2nd Flora Women's Mini Marathon, I was unsure if I was going to take part until the last minute as I lost a close family member early yesterday morning. Having trained hard for the big day I know deep down she would of wanted me to power through and do it. The weather was just right on the day, I was worried it was going to lash rain but that wasn't that wasn't the case.
The charity I supported for the second year running is Friends of St Luke's which raises much needed funds for St Luke's Hospice in Rathgar. It's not a well known charity so I love giving them my support every year. This year I was also a part of Team Herald which was really exciting. The Herald is a national paper here in Ireland and in early March they were looking for people to take part in the Marathon as a part of their team. I put myself forward and I was so surprised when they emailed me back saying that I was going to be there fast jogger. At first I didn't think I'd be able to fill those big boots but after training hard for the past few weeks I knew I could do it. I have to say a special thanks to both the mentors Louise Heraghty and Ruth Scott for their help and words of wisdom along the way. I also can't forget to thank both the Elvery's Power Team and the Flora Women's Mini Marathon office. I definitely enjoyed running the Marathon with The Herald, it was definitely a great experience that I will remember.

Last year I finished the Mini Marathon in 1hr 13mins and this year I finished in 1hr 4mins which I was delighted with I definitely had an angel looking down on me.The route of the Marathon changed slightly this year due to the Luas works in Stephen's Green and I found it almost a little tougher even though it's the same distance which was a little odd I guess. I always feel a huge sense of achievement when I complete a 10km cause it's no easy feat. I still get a little nervous everytime I start one. If you haven't taken part in the Flora Women's Mini Marathon before I'd definitely look into doing it next year as it is really good fun! I know a couple of other bloggers took part in it too so I hope they had an amazing day and raised plenty of money for their charity. Next up I hope to complete a half marathon, the Rock n' Roll Dublin Marathon looks like so much fun so who knows I might do that in August.

Have you ever taken part in a marathon? Is it something you'd like to do??



  1. Sorry for your loss Laura but congrats on your super achievement!

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss - but well done! I'm sure she'd be so so proud of you x

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss Laura X

    I took part in the marathon too! So happy for you that you did soo well! Good woman!


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