Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Goodies from Lush for Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine's Day is a day I always look forward to every year. Not only cause it's a romantic holiday but because it means it's exactly 1 day until my birthday. That's right on Saturday the 15th I'll turn the grand old age of 24!! I love having my birthday so close to Valentine's Day as I love going to super cheesy romantic movie releases. Have to say the big movie companies never disappoint as they always bring out something romantic on my birthday without fail. Anyone remember the movie Valentine's Day with cameos from numerous different A-list stars including Taylor Swift? I went to see that on Valentine's Day when it was released. Man I can't believe that movie came out 4 years ago just shows how times flies. This year I'm planning on going to see Endless Love which stars the very handsome Alex Pettyfer. Paddy and I are going to see either next Friday or Saturday I think so I'm really looking forward to it. I also love how beauty brands bring out limited edition products for Valentine's Day. This year Lush really wowed me with their new products releases for this romantic holiday. A brand that I've been a huge fan of for years, I love when Lush bring out limited edition collections as they are always right down my street. I usually end up picking up everything on payday so I can't say my bank balance is overjoyed about that.
Last week I got a chance to go into Lush's Grafton Street store to talk a bit about the products. This is definitely my favourite store to visit as it's really spacious and the staff are really knowledgeable about their products which for me shows how much they believe in them. There is nothing worse than going into a shop and the person not knowing anything about the products their trying to sell. I always enjoy popping into the store and of course I always leave with a tiny Lush bag full of purchases. This years Valentine's Day collection includes lots of amazing bath and body products that were inspired by the romantic love songs and the movie Cocktail which starred the hunk that is Tom Cruise from the 80's. I love hearing the inspiration behind each product as I find it super interesting. When you go into your local Lush expect alot of vibrant and fun products. I wouldn't leave it too long though as I presume it being a Valentine's Day collection it could be gone by March.
I know a sure winner from this years collection will be the Love Locket bath bomb. If you break this bath bomb in half you'll find a tiny heart inside which means you can get three baths out of this one product or if you want to treat yourself you can throw the whole lot in. If it was my decision I'd probably opt for the later for a nice pampering treat. I'm not go into too much detail about this product as I want you to get a surprise when you try it yourself. My favourite product from this lovely collection has to be the Prince Charming Shower gel. If you've read any of my past Lush posts you'll have heard me rant about the fact that I don't have a bath in my house. This means that I can never use Lush bath products which is pretty annoying considering there is such an amazing selection to choose from. However this year they've brought out Prince Charming and I have to say I'm in love. This product contains a lot of nourishing ingredients such as marshmallow root and pomegranate juice which gives it a really nice sweet scent. I also have to take a second and appreciate the fact that it's neon pink, like who wouldn't be happy to get this for Valentine's Day or like me treat yourself to it. This shower gel for me is up their with Snow Fairy, if it was available all year round I'd definitely repurchase it. I've already asked Paddy to buy me the big bottle of this for my Valentine's Day/Birthday present so fingers crossed he remembers to pick one up.
If you prefer to take the fuss out of searching for a Valentine's Day gift, Lush also have a great collection of prewrapped gifts to choose from. They've brought out three in particular for Valentine's Day, Toucan Love, Neon Love and Lots of Love. These gift boxes are such as great idea for someone who maybe doesn't have the time to browse through all the products Lush has to over or if their a busy bee with work and need a last minute gift fast. All the gift boxes come in at different price points too so there's something to suit anyones budget. I'm loving the Lots of Love box, not only cause it's purple my favourite colour but cause it comes in a reusable box. I like the idea of how when you finish your products inside you have somewhere new to store stuff. Lots of Love contains a mixture of bath and body products so it's a good way to try the new Valentine's Day goodies and get familiar with the brand.

Has anything caught your eye from this years Valentine's Day Collection?



  1. I love the look of the Neon Love Soap. Have a great Valentines day and Birthday!

  2. Laura, the fabbest looking thing in your photos is YOU. You look incredible. Fair feckin' play to ya lady! x


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