Thursday, June 20, 2013

London Calling!

Tomorrow I'm heading to London for the weekend for IMATS. The time has seriously flown by, I remember mentioning it on my blog a while back and I can't believe it's here already. I've never been to London before, it will only be my fourth time visiting the UK. I've been to Manchester three times to visit the Paddy's family, for concerts and of course shopping! It's one of my favourite cities, the people are lovely and there is so much to do. I'm definitely going to take a trip back there during the Summer and maybe take in a United game which I know will make the boyfriend happy indeed.
I'm flying over to London tomorrow evening with Paddy. He won't be coming along to IMATS with me but if you see him in Kensington on Saturday definitely say Hi. I was going to fly over on just for the day with the sole purpose of attending IMATS and go home that night. After checking out the flights Paddy and I decided to make a weekend out of it so we're having a little holiday too. I'm just taking a break from packing my bags and its a definite fail so far. I got this lovely Benefit Cosmetics Passport cover in Brown Thomas. The lovely sales assistant gave it to me when I bought one of their amazing Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows. I love the new packaging in their new colour range, it's so pretty! I know I'm only going for a weekend  but I also seem to overpack. This always seems to be the case for every holiday I go on. Does this happen to anyone else?
Being my first time at IMATS I don't know what to expect. I got a Press pass for the weekend so you'll definitely see some coverage on here in the coming weeks as well as posts on what I go up to in London. I'm sure I'll be taking a lot of picture whilst I'm there! Have any of you been to IMATS before? I'd love to hear what you thought of it. I'm really looking forward to checking out all the exhibitor stands, I know I'll definitely pick up some products from NYX and Make Up Forever. I love NYX blushes and lipglosses so I want to pick up a few more shades. I also want to listen to some of the Keynote speakers on the day, I always find these sort of talks really interesting and informative. The talk being given by Ruth Crilly and Caroline Hirons on The Power of Social Media sounds really great so I'll be sticking around for that. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you beauty bloggers too, if you see me on the day come say Hi. I'm meeting up with Jade from Beauty Butterfly on the day. I love her blog so if you haven't checked it out already go do it!

There's so many places I want to visit whilst I'm in London, I've gotten so many great suggestions from you guys already. I'm going to have fun trying to fit everything into four days. Considering that my flight departs Dublin Airport on Friday evening it really only leaves me with three days but I'm not going to think about that. On Sunday I'm going on a boat trip along the River Thames with my boyfriend and his Sister which I'm really exciting. I'm hoping that the weather forecast is good for over the weekend. I better get back to packing or I don't think I'm ever going to get it done. I literally dug out my suitcase yesterday and clearly no one has used it since I went to Manchester last year, it's seriously dusty!

What are your favourite spots to visit in London? I'd love to hear them!



  1. I'm jealous, I really want to go to IMATS.

  2. London is such a wonderful place! I've been there 3 times and I love going to the parks, they're calming and beautiful :) I suggest you to go to the refinery, a lovely restaurant in Southwark! Have a good trip xx

  3. Hiya, I'll be going with Jade so will be lovely to meet you! I am so excited also :)



  4. IMATS is such an amazing experience, have so much fun lovely!!

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  5. Hey Laura Have fab time in London! :)I know you'll love it its deadly! :) x


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