Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Duo

Yesterday I spilled water all over my laptop which was certainly not on the agenda. I've only had my Sony VAIO for a little under two years but it has definitely seen better days. My laptop is working at the moment but the keyboard itself is on the blink, I don't see it lasting that much longer. From now on I'll be mainly blogging on my Dad's computer, I can't imagine myself using the On-Screen Keyboard on my VAIO it would take me months! So if my posts are far and between you'll know why, my Dad's computer is a dinosaur, it takes forever to load up. After giving you that heads up on the old blogging front let's get back to the beauty post!
When I was shopping with my Mum on Friday these two gorgeous products made there way into our shopping trolley. Being on special for less than €10 each I couldn't say no, considering they were almost €20 a pop in Boots. Hawaiian Tropic's Silk Hydration Sun Lotion and After Sun are definitely not what I needed with the current weather we're having in Ireland. Let's just say I have a sneaking suspicion that we're going to have a scorcher this Summer, I hope. As I bought these two products with my Mum I got the Silk Hydration SPF 30. I do use SPF 50 on my face daily but I know my Mum is a little different and likes getting a bit of colour so I went for this one even though it does indeed come in SPF 50. First off both of these products definitely live up to their name "Silk Hydration", the sun screen is a gorgeous rich lotion that contain hydrating ribbons that leave my skin feeling so soft.  Even though the sun hasn't made an appearance yet, I've still been using the sun lotion regularly. It smells amazing just like coconuts which reminds me of holidays! It's making me want to start planning a sun holiday as soon as I'm back from London. On the other hand I haven't been using the Silk Hydration After Sun Gel at all as I've had no need to. Off the bat though like the sun lotion it smells amazing, just a little bit fruitier than the sun lotion. It also has an instant soothing effect on the skin as it contains Aloe gel. Both products also look so pretty in the packaging like ice cream swirls.
My Mum, Dad and brother are heading off on holidays to Spain in September for a couple of days, not going to lie I'm pretty jealous. When we bought both these products my Mum and I had a deal that she couple bring them with her on their trip but I do have a feeling they could be gone by then. There's both so nice! I'd definitely recommend picking these up in Tesco while they're still on special as you'll be saving about €16 compared to Boots prices.

What do you think of these products? Will you be trying the Hawaiian Silk Hydration range over the Summer?



  1. I've never tried one of these but after reading your post really am tempted... Especially with a Tescos and Boots so near to me! It's great to find another Irish blogger who's got the same kind of shops as me haha!

    Shannon Xx


    1. Thanks Shannon, glad you liked the post:) Oh I snapped both of them up when I seen them in Tescos considering they're ever so pricey in Boots!! I always read blogs that talk about shops that aren't near me too, I get so disappointed xx

  2. there a good price ill give them a go for the kids who are heading off to France x

    1. Oh you definitely should Debs they smell amazing plus there not too pricey either xx

  3. there a good price ill give them a go for the kids who are heading off to France x


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