Sunday, April 7, 2013

March Favourites

March definitely has been my least favourite month so far this year. Less than three months into 2013 I got news that kinda bummed me out. Towards the end of the month things turned themselves around but it's weird how you can be having the time of your life and then something can happen that shakes you to the core. My Mum usually tells me to look onwards and upwards which is exactly what I'm going to do. I have so many positives happening in my life at the moment, I don't want to dwell on the drama that happened in March too much.

Now onto the part of the month I love, the beauty favourites. I have quite a few to show you guys so lets get started!
MUA released their BB cream a while back and I only started using it over the past month or so. I'm not too keen on BB creams so I even surprised myself when I started using this one a lot over March. Compared to other BB creams I've tried MUA's All in One Beauty Balm* offers a bit more coverage whilst still being lighter than your average foundation. I use the shade light and it's the perfect match for my skin tone. The packaging is great too as it takes up little or no room in my makeup bag. For £3.00/€4ish you can't go wrong with this product, it's super affordable which is a plus for students like me.

Next up I have a product from Catrice, a brand that is super affordable and definitely worth having a look at if you come across it. I've been using their Camouflage Cream for over a month now and I've been really impressed with it. In a nut shell this is their drugstore version of a full coverage concealer. I bought the shade Ivory which is the lightest shade available, they don't have a big selection of shades which I think will be the only thing that people will find trouble with. I've been using this mostly on blemishes, it's definitely too heavy for my undereye area. This stays in place all day and I've had it over a month now and I haven't even made a dip in the product. Great considering this concealer retails for less than €4.

I have two favourites from US brands, Bath & Body Works and Tarte. We can't get either brand in Ireland so I was delighted when Chie sent me these as a part of my birthday gift. I've been using Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Blissful practically everyday throughout March. It's a gorgeous wearable peachy shade that is perfect for everyday. I can't vouch that this blush last for 12 hours on the skin but it definitely does the job for me. I love the packaging too, it's so pretty! I'll definitely be picking up some more of these when I go to New York. My other stateside favourite is Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance Mist. As you all know already I absolutely adore vanilla scented products so I knew without a doubt I'd love this. It's just a lovely all round sweet scent that I'm sure most people would love. The size of the fragrance mist is also perfect for my bag which is handy. The full sized bottle has already been added to my New York Shopping List.

A nail polish favourite for me this month is YSL's Rouge Expressioniste nail lacquer*. I do believe that this was a limited edition shade for Winter 2012 so I'm not too sure if you can still get your hands on this one. It's a beautiful dark vampy red shade which I personally love. I'd happily wear this all year round, it just looks so classy. Only one coat of this polish is needed so there's no messing around with this one. I adore this polish so I don't know what I'll do when I run out.

I'm forever trying new eye makeup removers, some for me aren't worth the hype at all. Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover* for me is worth every penny. I'm usually not too fussed with bi-phase makeup removers, unlike some this doesn't leave a oily mess around my eyes. This stuff even removes waterproof mascara and I don't find myself using to much product in the process either. Nothing bugs me more than when I buy a new eye makeup remover and it's gone in a week. In the long run I wouldn't mind spending more on a makeup remover if it means it lasts me that bit longer. I'll definitely be repurchasing this when I run out, while I'm at the counter I want to check out their new Summer collection too.

Last up is a haircare product from TreSemme. I use to always use this brand in my schools day but recently I haven't been giving it too much loving. With so many haircare products being released regularly sometimes it's easy to forget old favourites. I've been loving their new Platinum Strength Stay Soft Leave In over the last few weeks. The product claims to repair up to two years of damaged hair, I wouldn't go that far but this does leave my hair looking healthy and soft. Purple is my favourite colour so of course I love the packaging. The product smells really nice and fresh too. I may pick up some more products from this range the next time I'm at Boots.

What made it into your March Favourites?



  1. I really want to try some MUA products
    Great post!!

    1. Oh it's one of my favourite drugstore brands, you should definitely try their eyeshadow palettes! Undressed and Heaven & Earth are my favourites:D xx

  2. You have no idea how much i want to try Tarte! i love favourites posts haha

    1. I'm the same I could literally read them for hours, it's not too good for my bank balance though. I'm forever seeing new products I have to try! Oh their blushes are so nice, Chie sent me over another one called Exposed and it's just beautiful. I haven't been using it as much as I want to try and make it last. I'm hoping to pick up some more Tarte bits when I visit New York in December xx

  3. I wanna try that Tarte blush, I saw them in the US and they are so pretty :)


    1. They are so nice! I'm going to the US on holidays in December so I'm definitely going to pick up some more bits from the brand. I hear their foundations are nice xx

  4. Im sorry that your march was a difficult month for you. Hope hat April brings you some joy and happiness into your life. Nice faves. Cannot wait Gil December cause you are coming to the states!!!! Oh me Geee! Gotta definitely meet you.

  5. Oooooh the Catrice concealer sounds good. I must try it, and I must say the price is very appealing too!!


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