Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boots & Disney Haul!

I've been trying to be good this month and save a little more than usual. I'm going to London in two months time, I haven't booked my flights yet so I have to get cracking on that. I did make a couple of small purchases in Boots as they had their fabulous 3 for 2 on, it would be rude not to in my opinion. I didn't go to crazy I bought things I knew I would use and some other bits that I'd heard a lot of good things about.
I picked up three Revlon products, two of their ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipsticks and a lip butter. From the Ultimate Suede range I got two of the darker shades available, Trendsetter and  Backstage. Not what I'd usually go for but I'm going to try and make them work. They have such a good range of shades to choose from, I seriously just wanted something different and out of my comfort zone. I've used these a couple of times already and boy they do not budge! On the other side of thing I picked up a really wearable lip butter shade, Juicy Papaya to fall back on if things don't work out with the Ultimate Suedes. It's a peachy colour that I know I can pull off.
I also picked up three Loreal skincare products that were on special. I'd never seen these before on my recent trips to Boots so I was intrigues to see what they were like. So far I've tried the cleansing oil and micellar solution. I'm not too keen on the latter but I'm absolutely loving the oil for removing my makeup at night. With my Boots Advantage Card points I picked up the new Garnier 5 Sec Prefect Blur Smoothing Perfecting Primer. This product has just launched over here during the week and I'm really excited to try it. I'm all for wearing a primer under my makeup as I definitely feel that it holds my makeup in place for much longer. I haven't heard much about this product yet so I'm looking forward to giving it a go.
I'm a bit of obsessed with Disney mugs, I have quite a lot of them. When I seen this OZ mug I couldn't leave it behind. Just look at it, it's amazing! If you haven't watched the movie already I'd recommend going to see it, James Franco is the leading man you seriously couldn't ask for more. I absolutely loved it, one of my favourite movies (after Les Miserables) so far this year. When I was at the till buying this mug the lovely sales assistant told me I could get a Finding Nemo towel for an additional €9.90 on promotion. How could I say no? It's another movie I love and the towel is super soft too! Sorry I didn't include it in the picture above, it's huge and I doubt I would of gotten a decent picture anyway.
Lastly I bought a book in Dubray Books. I haven't read many Jenny Colgan books so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into this. I love the cover art it's so pretty, I also like how there's lots of yummy recipes at the back of the book to enjoy. Who knows they may get featured in one of my future Baking Sundays posts.

Have you treated yourself to anything nice lately?



  1. I've got my eye on the ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipsticks they look amazing! :)

    1. I really want to pick up some more shades too, pity the Boots 3 for 2 is over xxx

  2. great purchases!! I NEED that mug ;) haha xx

    1. Thanks Sophie Lou. I know I love that mug!! I'm obsessed with Disney ones at the moment xx


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